We’re Calling It: Caraway’s New Tea Kettle Will Be a Top Christmas Gift in 2022 — Out Now

Caraway Tea Kettle
Courtesy of Caraway

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Santa Claus is coming to town in just a few months, and this year, we’re anticipating one of the best Christmas gifts to be one of the best tea kettles we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Today, August 23, elite cookware brand Caraway released one of the world’s most thoughtfully-designed tea kettles that every cook needs in their kitchen.

Caraway Tea Kettle Courtesy of Caraway

This modern take on a vintage lookalike is so gorgeous, it’s left our jaws on the floor. Kettles come in an array of solid colors for standing out on your stovetop. From a vibrant marigold to a seafoam mist, these kettles offer a new hue to your kitchen that’s often hard to come across. Colors are also created to match a wide variety of Caraway classics, such as their striking bakeware sets, dutch ovens and more.

In addition to color, Caraway ensures each kettle is made to keep you happy and healthy. All materials used in this kettle’s creation are completely non-toxic for safe-to-drink boiled water every time you turn the burner off. It’s able to be used on any kind of stovetop, too, so whether you’re working with gas, induction or electric, this tea kettle will sit both gracefully and safely.

A lightweight stainless steel body helps two quarts of water boil faster than you might imagine. In addition, it even comes with a free gift — a pot holder to make sure burns are a problem of your past.

Caraway Tea Kettle Tim Werth | SPY

Caraway was kind enough to gift their new tea kettle to us for testing, which we are currently in the process of. What we can tell you is that we’re deeply impressed with the packaging this kettle arrived in. Why? Because it’s exceptionally thoughtful and created to be eco-friendly when arriving on your doorstep. It’s the little things!

Right now, you can purchase this new release for $50 off at $195. Be sure to pick up this tea kettle quickly for the holiday season, because we’re sure these are going to sell out.

Caraway Tea Kettle Courtesy of Caraway