The Casino Card Bottle Opener Is an Ace in the Hole at Parties

Casino Card Bottle Opener

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* Wallet-friendly size
* Made of durable stainless steel
* Fun ace-of-spaces design

The Casino Card Bottle Opener by Leegoal is a wallet-sized tool that you should always have on hand. It makes a fun statement at parties and gatherings, and it’s super handy when more drinks are in the cards for the night.

The spade cutout is the perfect shape for opening a beer, soda or hard cider bottle. With its clever design and handsome shape, the casino card bottle opener is a great “ace in the hole” when you’re looking all around the kitchen or patio and can’t find a bottle opener.

Bottle openers, like corkscrews, are among those items that have the unique property of always being easy-to-find when you don’t need them, and absent when you do. With the casino card bottle opener, you can double down and always have a trick up your sleeve.

This bottle opener is made of stainless steel. While it’s slender and compact, it’s much easier to use than, say, a Bic lighter or tabletop. It offers reliable bottle opening deftness, plus an extra bit of style. When it comes to pocket bottle openers, the Casino Card Bottle Opener is a useful wild card.