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Spice Things Up For Your Next Culinary Creation With These Grinders

* Sleek, stylish spice grinders
* Top grinder for no-spill construction
* Minimalist design matches any kitchen and dining decor

Enjoying homemade culinary creations has become something of a past-time for many people. With so many cooking shows and tutorials online, it’s no wonder that many a person enjoys trying their hand in the kitchen. It can, in fact, be one of the most relaxing and rewarding times after a long and stressful week at the office.

Any home chef knows that the secret to making their next culinary masterpiece is in the details. Those details extend from the perfect ingredients to beautiful plating. What comes in between? The proper tools. Cutlery, pans and yes, even spice grinders become key pieces in the crafting of home cuisine. 

These ceramic spice grinders with a minimalist design make for the perfect tool in the kitchen and on the dining table. With the grinder conveniently placed on top, these grinders will never spill their precious spice contents onto your counter or table. The powerful grinder also means that you’ll never get stuck half way on that all-important spice grind, only to fail. And the simple, contemporary design? Well, these grinders will match any decor in your gourmet kitchen and on your table.

The ceramic grinders are a true showpiece, measuring eight inches tall and weighing a sturdy 1.5 pounds (the weight prevents any tip-overs and spills). This ash and carbon set also makes it a modern and design-centric alternative to the generic, plastic, black and white salt and pepper shakers. Fill these with peppercorns and sea salt (or rock salt) and let your spices flow freely.

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