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This Octopus Teapot is Ink-redible

* Fun octopus teapot for entertaining 
* Unique design for the cephalopod lover in your life
* Made from blue sky ceramic and perfect for teapot collectors

Eight-arm yourself with this fantastic octopus teapot and entertain your friends and family during your next dinner party or afternoon tea. Whether you have a fondness for collecting unusual teapots or just a penchant for marine life, this “octo-pot” is sure to generate plenty of tea time fun for everyone.

Made from beautifully crafted ceramic, this quirky teapot is ideal for everyday use, but we wouldn’t blame you if you save it for special occasions or even just keep it as an eye-catching piece on your kitchen shelves.

At first glance, the teapot may appear to be a conventional design with a half-and-half blue and white mix. However, upon closer inspection, the pot is revealed to have an eight-limbed cephalopod hugging the side. It’s cleverly using its tentacles to create both the teapot’s handle and lid. At 8.5 inches tall x 6.5 inches wide, it’s sturdy enough to not shift on the table, and deep enough to hold enough water for five cups of tea.

Designed and created by top artists at Blue Sky Ceramic, the teapot encompasses everything this innovative company has been working towards in their 14 years of production. The company’s mission is to deliver dinnerware and seasonal gifts that “lighten up your life.” This aim has truly been achieved in this one-of-a-kind, ink-credible octopus teapot.

The combination of a functional teapot with a striking visual design make this piece a great gift for a housewarming, shower or birthday. Or get it for yourself as a new accent piece for your kitchen or dining room.

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