5 Charcuterie Board Essentials So You Can Become The Host With The Most

Charcuterie Board Essentials
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* Step up your appetizer game to impress your date
* You will need more than a charcuterie board for the ultimate display
* Ramekins, utensils, bread trays and more 

The stomach is a sure way to get to most people’s hearts, am I right? Impressing friends, family and dates with exceptionally prepared food, thoughtful appetizers and drool-worthy displays of snacks is a skill worth investing in. And because food is such a powerful way to inspire connections and bring strangers together, we have rounded up a few essentials for your next charcuterie board. Charcuterie, specifically, means the preparation of cured hams and salamis, but more generally is used to describe the collection of meats, cheese, dips and fruit garnered together on one beautiful wooden board meant to share amongst a group of people.

So, after stocking up on your favorite bottle of vino, add these five absolutely attainable charcuterie essentials to your home, so, you can spend your next night-in sharing stories over a note-worthy display of goodies.

1. The Ultimate Bamboo Cheese Board Set

We are loving this 3-in-1 cheese board crafted from bamboo that integrates a place for bread, dips, cheeses and meats and even includes a wooden slot for the four stainless steel knives and utensils for serving your pre-dinner delicacies. The durable and beautiful display will hold up for years to come and is great for displaying gourmet treats as well as desserts and slices of bread. Plus, the whole set is ready to be used out of the box and makes for a great gift for the foodie in your life.

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2. Porcelain Ramekins

If you are a baker or cook who loves to offer guests and friends a wide range of options for grazing before the meal, these porcelain ramekins are perfect for making your favorite dips and desserts in. Ideal for cheese sauces, soufflés, crème brulée and cobblers as they hold the perfect portion for sharing between a few people and or they make for equally proportioned desserts for individual guests.

Porcelain Ramekins  Courtesy of Amazon



3. Gold Disposable Utensils

If you are a host on the regular, you know the rewards of throwing a great get-together, but the downside is cleaning up afterward, which can kil the charm of the whole night. These gold plastic utensils are a nice addition to your entertainment ritual as they enhance the dining experience but are disposable making for a quick clean up so you can focus on reminiscing about the evening. This set of 12 includes 4 spoons, four forks and four gold tongs. Stock up on a few boxes for larger parties.

Gold Disposable Utensils for serving Courtesy of Amazon

4. Wood Serving Board for Bread

No charcuterie board or appetizer spread is complete without an array of slices of bread and crackers for dipping with. This lovely little acacia wood bread display comes with a bowl for dipping bread in pesto, butter or olive oil and makes a great addition to your charcuterie board that might run out of room for spare slices of tasty toasts.

Wood Serving Board for Bread Courtesy of Amazon

5. Hand-Carved Wood Calabash Bowls

Along with gourmet bread, vegetables and fruit options for your event, make sure to craft plenty of tasty sides like spices, nuts, hummus and creamy dips. This set of four Calabash wood bowls are the easy-to-clean and beautifully-designed way to show off your homemade chutneys and jams.

Hand-Carved Wood Calabash Bowls Courtesy of Amazon