Instantly Age Your Wine & Spirits With This Oak Bottle

oak bottle
Image courtesy Oak Bottle

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* Age your beverage of choice with a bit of oaky flavor in only two hours
* Handmade from American Oak
* Easy to use, clean and store

Chances are that some of your favorite wine and spirits are aged in oak barrels, or are at least introduced to oak wood chips during the aging process. If you’re wondering why that is, it’s quite simple: oak makes everything taste and smell better. If you’re looking for an oaking vessel of your own to use at home, then start with the Oak Bottle.

Oak has been used in winemaking since the Roman Empire. Whiskies have also traditionally been made in American or French oak casks. Whether it’s a wine or spirit, oak will add aromatic compounds during the aging process, which is why you might taste or smell a bit of vanilla, spice, caramel or even char.

The Oak Bottle maximizes the amount of surface area that is in direct contact with the liquid inside, thereby accelerating the oak aging process naturally. In order to get those oaky flavors and aromas infused into the wine or spirit, it would normally have to sit for weeks or even years. But the Oak Bottle can do it in as little as two hours. That’s 12 times faster than a typical oak barrel.

It can take just about any inexpensive wine or spirit and elevate its flavor in a matter of hours. Best of all, the Oak Bottle can be reused over and again. Although the company says each bottle will begin to lose a bit of strength after 50 cycles, there’s an easy fix. Just let the contents age a little longer than the suggested times.

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