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These Cheap Deep Freezers Give You Frozen Storage Space at a Budget-Friendly Price

Unlike fresh food, frozen food can be kept for extended periods of time and consumed at your leisure. And as it’s also usually cheaper, you can see why switching to a diet that includes more frozen food can be an easy and convenient way to save money, while staying healthy. If you like the sound of increasing your frozen food intake and want to increase your home frozen storage space without breaking the bank, we suggest investing in one of the best cheap deep freezers.

What Is a Deep Freezer?

A deep freezer is a device that is made with the sole purpose of freezing food, meaning it does not include a built-in space for refrigeration. Therefore both chest freezers and upright freezers (sometimes called standing freezers) are types of deep freezers.

It’s worth noting that at one point the term “deep freezer” was used for appliances that were capable of achieving colder temperatures than other devices, usually at a faster rate, too. These deep freezers would often have no shelves or baskets and could be used for longer-term frozen food storage. However, as technology has advanced, these differences are less apparent with most kitchen freezers (and many fridge/freezer devices) being capable of this “deep-freezing” functionality.

How Much Do Deep Freezers Cost?

Looking for the best cheap deep freezers under $100? Then we’ve got some bad news. After extensive searching, we couldn’t find any appliances available for under $100. However, we did find a wealth of cheap deep freezers for less than $250, with prices starting as low as $130. Some factors to consider when finding the right deep freezer for your needs is the amount of storage space you want, what style/color will best fit with your existing decor and whether you want a chest freezer or an upright freezer.

Upright Freezer vs. Chest Freezer

When it comes to choosing the best cheap deep freezer for your home, one of the decisions you’ll have to make is whether you want an upright freezer or a chest freezer. To help you decide which freezer is best for you, here are some of the benefits of owning each device type:

  • Upright Freezers – The best upright freezers have smaller footprints than chest freezers and provide easier access to stored frozen food thanks to their front-facing doors. They also include shelves, baskets and buckets to make organizing, locating and accessing your food much more convenient and less time-consuming than alternate options.
  • Chest Freezers – The best chest freezers tend to be more economical than their competitors. They also offer larger, more open storage space which makes storing bigger items far easier. Chest freezers are ideal for people looking for more home storage space or anyone wanting to store frozen food items separately for longer periods of time.

Below you’ll find our selection of the best cheap deep freezers which are available online. We’ve included a range of device sizes to ensure there’s an option for almost every household. Additionally, each freezer comes backed by numerous positive ratings and reviews from existing customers.


1. Magic Chef Chest Freezer


With a five cubic feet capacity and a price tag under $200, it’s easy to see why this Magic Chef Chest Freezer has earned more than 5,000 five-star ratings from Home Depot customers. The chest-style freezer has plenty of space for meat, fish, prepped meals and frozen snacks, making it a great option for households looking to increase their go-to frozen storage. Inside, you’ll find a sliding storage basket which is ideal for grab-and-go items. Other notable elements include the external temperature control, a defrost water drain and a built-in interior light which makes locating food easier. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly freezer for your basement, kitchen, utility room or laundry room, this could be it.

cheap deep freezer magic chef


2. Arctic King Upright Freezer


At under $130, this Arctic King Upright Freezer is the most budget-friendly answer to freezing food we could find. The popular freezer offers users 1.1 cubic feet of internal storage, providing enough space for several ice-cream tubs, steaks, fish filets and other frozen treats. The cheap deep freezer’s flush back helps to maximize its storage internal space while minimizing the amount of space it takes up. You’ll also find a recessed handle, a reversible door and adjustable legs to complete this kitchen addition’s user-friendly design.

cheap deep freezer artic king


3. Winado Manual Defrost Residential Portable Freezer


With its included pressure shelf, antibacterial door gasket and 1.1 cubic feet capacity, this Winado Manual Defrost Residential Portable Freezer is ideal for use in dorms, offices and other smaller spaces. The stainless steel finish gives the freezer an attractive look, while its flush back, adjustable leveling legs and recessed handle allow for easy fitting which doesn’t waste any space. It’s capable of freezing temperatures between -8°F to 7°F and has a manual, seven-grade temperature control knob to let users tailor the temperature level to their needs.

cheap deep freezer winado


4. Kismile Compact Upright Freezer


If you’re looking for a good balance of affordability and frozen storage space, we think this Kismile Compact Upright Freezer is worth checking out. It provides users with 3.0 cubic feet of internal storage space which can be adjusted with the seven-grade temperature dial. It also features a reversible door, dual shelves, a concealed handle and adjustable feet to deliver an all-around enjoyable user experience. This is reflected in the freezer’s 1,000+ five-star ratings from existing Amazon customers. Additionally, you can choose from white, black and stainless steel finishes.

cheap deep freezer kismile


5. VISSANI Manual Defrost Chest Freezer


This VISSANI Manual Defrost Chest Freezer is a great option if you’re just looking to bolster your existing frozen storage space. The chest-style freezer sits 34 inches tall and includes five cubic feet of storage space. Inside, there are two slidable baskets for housing items you want quick access to. The freezer also features an exterior power light to let you see it’s switched on, a front-facing temperature dial for easy temperature changes and a conveniently located drain for when you need to defrost your device.

cheap deep freezer vissani


6. Midea MRU03M2ABB Upright Freezer


If you’re looking for easy access to your fridge and also want it to take up minimal floor space, this Midea MRU03M2ABB Upright Freezer is the choice for you. With 3.0 cubic feet of frozen storage space, it’s more than enough for a dorm room or to act as surplus storage space for a family home. For easier in-freezer organization, it has three shelves, one of which includes a pull-out wire basket. Furthermore, adjustable feet ensure the freezer sits level, while a child lock prevents any unwanted fingers from getting inside.

cheap deep freezer midea


7. hOmelabs Upright Freezer


If your freezer is going to be visible to everyone, you may want to opt for a device with a stylish look. This hOmelabs Upright Freezer sports an attractive black and stainless steel finish which can fit in with a range of interior decor styles, including offices and dorms. The 1.1 cubic feet capacity provides enough storage space for pre-cut meats, ice cream and other everyday items. You’ll also find a door lock that allows you to secure prized or potentially hazardous items, such as medicine or alcohol, away from unwelcome interest. In addition, the freezer has a reversible door, runs at an impressively quiet 42 dB and also comes in two larger sizes if 1.1 cubic feet isn’t enough for your needs.

homelabs upright freezer


8. Hotpoint Manual Defrost Chest Freezer


With positive reviews from over 95% of Lowe’s customers who already own it, you can be confident this Hotpoint Manual Defrost Chest Freezer is more than capable of fulfilling your frozen storage space needs. The 4.9 cubic feet device sports an adjustable temperature control and an easy-access defrost drain on the front for greater convenience. On the inside, you’ll find a removable basket that makes compartmentalizing and organizing your frozen food simple.

hotpoint manual defrost chest freezer


9. Hisense Manual Defrost Chest Freezer


This Hisense Manual Defrost Chest Freezer is the largest capacity device on our list. With a capacity of seven cubic feet, this chest freezer has plenty of space for storing an average household’s worth of frozen food. The user-friendly design includes external temperature control, a power indicator light and an easily accessed defrost drain. You’ll also find a handy storage basket for helping to organize your food and for keeping your favorite treats easy to locate.

hisense manual defrost chest freezer


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