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This Jacob Bromwell Cheese Board is a Functional Work of Art

* 100% solid, natural wood
* Virtually indestructible
* Presentation your guests will rave about

The Jacob Bromwell Baltimore Cheese Board isn’t just another kitchen essential; it’s a functional work of art. And next time you serve your favorite cheese or charcuterie on it, you’re bound to get rave reviews. After all, presentation is important. And, guests notice and appreciate when you fuss over the small details.

These limited-run wood cheese boards are hand-cut from one piece of solid American maple. And, the look is 100% natural, with no stains, paints, or veneers. Only clear finishes and all-natural treatments are used. That way, you can see the natural grain patterns of the wood, producing a cutting board that is completely unique from the next. And, at 14 x 11 x 1 inches, this cheese board is sized just right for your next party or intimate evening.

It’s mounted on four, rubber non-marring feet secured by stainless steel screws that are guaranteed not to rust. And, it’s very easy to wash. What’s more, each board is assembled by hand at the Jacob Bromwell workshop in Vermont. The handmade process lends charm, depth, and individuality to each piece.

And, it’s practically indestructible. That’s why your purchase is backed by the company’s 100% Lifetime Guarantee. A Jacob Bromwell product is an investment for life. So, you can buy with confidence, for yourself or as a gift. Also comes with a 100% USA-made stainless steel cheese knife.

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