Introducing the Cheese Grotto: The Adorable Kitchen Device You Definitely (Don’t) Need

cheese grotto
Courtesy of Food52

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There are some kitchen gadgets you definitely need — like a blender, cutting board, microwave and coffee maker. All of these devices perform a critical function in your home’s cooking area and are pretty much universally used all the time. Others fall into the category of “less necessary, but nice to have.” Some examples of these include the Instant Pot, an air fryer, a pasta maker and a food processor. These devices will do a lot for you, and are great second wave products for decking out your kitchen cupboards and expanding the horizons of the types of food you can make. Then there are kitchen gadgets you definitely don’t need, but should probably own anyway. Like, say, a home for your cheese. Introducing: the Cheese Grotto.

cheese grotto Courtesy of Food52


What is a Cheese Grotto? Great question. In short, it’s a place for your favorite fermented milks to call home. It’s got a special design that creates a humidity and airflow-controlled environment within which your cheeses can age to perfection. It works for both hard and soft cheeses, and will save you from having to throw away expensive hunks of Cottswald or Camembert because you left them in the plastic wrap too long.

cheese grotto Courtesy of Food52
cheese grotto Courtesy of Food52


It’s got a beautiful design and comes in three different sizes, all of which have removable shelves so you can adjust the space to your liking and your cheese’s needs. The Cheese Grotto also has a vaulted ceiling to control condensation and a terra-cotta brick inside so the humidity levels stay within an ideal range. It can also sit in the fridge or on your countertop. Basically, it’s a top-floor penthouse apartment for your cheese, because it deserves it.

It’s not an inexpensive device, and will cost you a pretty penny. But the perfect bite of cheese and cracker ever time? That’s priceless. It would make a great gift for a foodie, an excellent gift for your wife who loves to host, or anyone who enjoys a good wine club.