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Up Your Juicing Game With This Professional-Grade Juicer

* Industrial, professional-grade juicer for powerful squeeze
* Sturdy build with suction feet
* An antique bronze finish to fit any rustic kitchen

Add a little style to your daily juicing habit with this rustic juicer. Sporting a classic upright design, ergonomic handle and easy-wash detachable parts, this bronze press will easily supply the whole family with their juicing needs.

The New Star Foodservice 46885 is a professional standard fruit juicer, which combines high-build quality with a functional design to produce an effective piece of kitchen equipment. Made from a strong mixture of cast iron and gorgeous stainless steel, your juice bar will enjoy a powerful and professional squeeze. The rubberized handle has also been specifically designed to maximize comfort in hand and can withstand up to 2,300 PSI of pressure.

To aid with the juicing process, you’ll find that the press is bottom heavy and sports suction feet to provide maximum stability. The handle has also been elongated to help increase leverage and minimize the input required. Making orange juice the old-fashioned way has never been easier.

This antique-looking juicer is great for squeezing all types of citrus fruit, including grapefruits, lemons, limes and oranges. The easy-to-use press also features a detachable cone and removable funnel parts, to make cleaning a breeze.

A superb addition to any rustic kitchen, the New Star Foodservice 46885 is a beautiful antique-inspired juicer with modern day advancements and conveniences. Not only does the commercial juicer provide an easy and powerful juicing experience, it looks fantastic while doing it.

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