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Chill Out and Cheers With These Stainless Steel Chilling Stones

* Food-save and durable chilling stones
* Set comes as pack of two stainless steel cubes
* Comes with freezer-safe case

Your refreshment of choice just got a revolutionary update.

The Rabbit Chilling Stones are a stylish addition to your party hosting supplies, specially designed to chill drinks without diluting them. Made of food-safe and durable stainless steel, the set of two stones come in a jumbo size for optimal effectiveness, with only one stone needed per drink for superior function.

The set comes in a convenient carrying case that keeps the stones pristine, clean and secure in the freezer or for packing it up on the go. The stones are also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning, and the stainless steel assures longevity for countless uses and parties. The sleek, cubic design makes for a unique presentation and assures a cool conversation starter. Since a single stone is sufficient enough to chill your own beverage, be sure to hook a drinking buddy up with the other one for a chic surprise.

The chilling stones are a sophisticated choice as a gift for friends or family, especially the ones that love a great cocktail hour. Savvy drinkers and dinner party hosts will appreciate the craftsmanship, longevity and unique qualities of the product.

We love any interesting addition to hosting, and these chilling stones are a game changing contender. Whether you’re going to a dinner party, a picnic, or having an intimate drink at home, this interesting set is sure to keep the party going and the drinks chilled to perfection.


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