Happier Hours For Your Happy New Year: 3 Great Cocktails to Try in 2018

Cocktail Recipes
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* Serve these drinks this weekend for your New Year’s Eve party
* Easy to make with just a couple of ingredients
* Order your liquor and glassware online for quick delivery

Instead of resolving to quit drinking this year, you might do well to simply try drinking better. You don’t have to be a bartender to make a great mixed drink, either. All you need is a shaker, the right glassware and these cocktail recipes.

THE DIDDY: CÎROC Ultra-Premium Vodka

CIROC SNAP FROST VODKA 1,000MLPerfect for Sunday brunch or sunny afternoons is The Diddy, made with rapper P Diddy’s CÎROC Ultra-Premium Vodka plus a refreshing glass of lemonade.

– 1.5 oz. CÎROC Ultra-Premium Vodka
– 1.5 oz. Lemonade
– 1 Lemon Wheel for Garnish

To Make:
– Pour the vodka and lemonade together, over ice, in a highball glass
– Stir
– Garnish with a lemon wheel


APPLE CINNAMON RYE FIZZ: Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey


Apples and whiskey are a classic happy hour treat. Sip on an Apple Cinnamon Rye Fizz to wind down – and warm up – after a long day.

– 1.5 oz. Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye
– 1.5 oz. Apple Cinnamon Infused Simple Syrup
– 0.5 oz. Apple Cider
– 0.5 oz. Lemon Juice
– 1 Splash Ginger Ale
– 1 Apple Slice for Garnish

To Make:
– Combine the whiskey, syrup, cider and juice over ice in a cocktail shaker.
– Shake well
– Pour over fresh ice in a rocks glass
– Garnish with apple slice


QUEENS 75: Queens Courage Old Tom Gin


Serve this fancy cocktail as an aperitif at your next dinner party. The guests won’t be disappointed.

– 1.0 oz. Queens Courage
– 0.5 oz. Lemon Juice
– 0.5 oz. Simple Syrup
– 3.0 oz. Champagne
– Lemon Twist or Raspberry for Garnish

To Make:
– Combine the gin, lemon juice and syrup in a shaker with ice
– Strain into a champagne flute
– Top with the drink with champagne
– Garnish with your choice of a lemon twist or raspberry