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Martinis All Around With This Minimalist Cocktail Shaker

* Modern cocktail shaker with minimalist design
* Tall shape provides better grip during cocktail shaking
* Made from sleek stainless steel

If, like 007, you prefer your cocktails shaken and not stirred, give this sexy cocktail shaker a try. Delivering a balance between function and inspired design, you’ll look the part while delivering drinks that keep people coming back for more.

Whether you love an espresso martini or can’t resist an Old Fashioned on a summer’s evening, this quality cocktail shaker is a great way to kickstart the warmer season.

The Chiringuito shaker from Alessi is taller and slimmer than your standard shaker, allowing you to keep a better grip and feel more in control of your cocktail-making action.

The tight-seal lid ensures you aren’t going lose any of your ingredients. Once you are satisfied that the contents are thoroughly mixed, the strainer sits over the top of the shaker to provide an easy pour and strain option. It also acts as a pouring handle.

In addition, the attractive shaker is made from a polished stainless steel that’s an elegant addition to your bar cart or tabletop.

This minimalist cocktail shaker is a great way to get the party started. Whip up a range of the classics or put your mixology diploma to good use. We can’t promise the results will taste great, but you’ll look damn good shaking your next drink.

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