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6 Cocktails You Can Make With Stuff In Your Fridge

You have company coming over for a drink and you’re tight for time. That trip to the grocery store or wine shop isn’t happening, so what to do?

You don’t need to own a bar cart but you do need options aside from that six-pack of Coronas. Luckily for you – and your friends – here are six easy and impressive drinks you can make with stuff you already have in your fridge.

The Screwdriver is a classic drink with two basic ingredients: vodka and orange juice. Serve over ice. If your OJ’s gone bad, swap it out for orange soda and enjoy a fizzy alcoholic summer treat.


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You’re more likely to have leftover beer in your fridge than an unopened bottle of champagne, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix up something sweet. Try a “Man-Mosa” – a 50/50 mixture of OJ to beer. It works great with cheap Natty Light, but if you have the scratch, buy some hefeweizens and go to town. Delicious and cheap.

Everyone needs to know how to make a proper martini. Here’s our take on the classic Dirty Martini:
Take gin (not vodka, ever) and fill a glass about half-way with it.
Fill it with ice.


Stick a spoon in it and stir for 15 seconds.
Strain the ice out; hold the spoon against the edge of the glass and pour the liquid into a different glass.
Grab some olives from your fridge and put a couple in your drink. Even better if you get some olive juice in there too. That’s what makes it “dirty.”

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Pickle juice adds a briney, salty flavor that pairs surprisingly well with hard liquor. It’s also an incredibly effective chaser, helping to neutralize the burn of alcohol. Try using pickle juice to chase a shot of whiskey. It’s called a “Pickleback” and it’s actually really good.


If you’re ready to graduate to something a little fancier, make a pickle-themed drink with whiskey, pickle juice, lime and a dash of your favorite seasoning (I.e. Old Bay). Stir in some ice and enjoy.

A very refreshing and easy drink to make is a Gin Fizz. You almost always have most of the ingredients at home.


Combine 2 oz. of gin with 1.5 oz. of lemon juice and a teaspoon of sugar. Shake up the ingredients with a little ice. Strain into a glass and top it up with soda water. Very refreshing.

Sangria works on a number of levels: it’ll impress the heck out of your friends and it’ll allow you to get rid of a bunch of old fruit sitting in your fridge. A traditional sangria calls for Triple Sec and Brandy, but it works just as well without it.


Cut up some fruit (I.e. apples, oranges, lemons) and let them soak in half a pitcher of red or white wine overnight. When you’re ready to serve, pop in some ice cubes and fill the rest of the pitcher with club soda. If it’s not sweet enough, swap the club soda for Sprite, or add a few teaspoons of sugar. Set the pitcher of sangria onto the patio and relax. You’ve earned yourself a drink.

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