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Prep Your Coffee The Old Fashioned Way With This Beachwood Coffee Grinder

* Hand-cranked coffee grinder
* Features a conical burr grinding mechanism
* Made from natural beachwood with stainless steel interior

Most coffee aficionados know that the key to brewing a fresh and delicious cup of coffee is grinding whole beans just prior to brewing, rather than using pre-ground coffee beans. While electric coffee grinders are convenient, old fashioned hand-crank coffee grinders are making a comeback in the specialty coffee industry and in the kitchens of coffee lovers alike.

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The main advantage of using a manual coffee grinder over an electric grinder, is that a hand crank grinder will yield a more consistent grind. They also offer more customization and are much more portable for travelling or camping trips. Because electric grinders use mechanical blades, they tend to produce uneven grinds, which can clog your coffee machine and leave you with large, dirt-like chunks in your morning cup of Joe. For those who truly relic in the art of making and drinking coffee, it may be time to ditch the electric grinder for something well, more hands-on.

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The Natural Beachwood Coffee Grinder available on Food not only allows for a precise grind, but its uber-sleek design will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen counter. Composed of natural beach wood and high-grade stainless steel, this hand-crank coffee grinder allows you to grind your coffee beans with minimal heat build up to ensure optimum flavor in each cup.

Whether you prefer your coffee grounds coarse for use with a French Press or finely milled for your automatic coffee machine, this grinder allows for full control with its hand-held adjustment dial. This grinder also features a built-in drawer that will hold up to 1 ounce of coffee grounds. Whether you’re an artisan barista or a coffee connoisseur, the Natural Beachwood Coffee Grinder will allow you to make a gourmet cup of coffee from home or while travelling, tailored precisely to your liking.

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