Hot or Cold, This Coffee Maker Helps You Brew a Better Cup

Coffee Maker Review: Brew a Better
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* Metal and ceramic filters included for different tastes
* Customizable drip rate lets you craft the perfect cold brew
* Beautiful copper carafe and wooden base make this an instant centerpiece

Coffee lovers know that crafting the perfect brew is an art. Knowing the right amount of beans to select, what type of water to use (we recommend using distilled), calculating just how long you should wait before you steep the grounds — all these factors come together to create the ideal cup of coffee. With the Yama Silverton Hot or Cold Coffee Dripper, you’re able to customize every aspect of the coffee-making process, making it easier to craft that oh-so-good hot or cold brew from the comfort of your own home.

French press meets pour over in this incredibly functional coffee dripper. An elegant copper carafe and a beautiful wooden base make this coffee dripper an instant centerpiece, and the glass top and bottom are 100% dishwasher safe.

Yama Silverton Hot or Cold Coffee Dripper


Few things are as important to coffee lovers than taste, and that’s where this hot and cold maker really shines. You’re able to choose between a range of different flavors by choosing which filter to use. You can stick with the default reusable stainless steel filter to allow more aromas and oils to seep through for a more robust taste, or you can use the ceramic or paper filters for a lighter, smoother cup. You can even fine-tune the drip rate to help make that cold brew a little more (or less) bitter.

This coffee maker lets you customize virtually every aspect of how you make your coffee. In fact, the quality is so good you’ll probably never want to pay for a cup of “regular” coffee ever again. Sorry, Starbucks, you’re about to be replaced.

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