Bin the Beans: The 8 Best Alternatives to Drinking Coffee

drinking coffee alternatives
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* Don’t like coffee? These drinks are for you
* Coffee can cause anxiety, loss of sleep and addiction symptoms
* Get rid of the coffee negatives with these eight energy-boosting alternatives

Coffee culture in the USA is thriving. Approximately 68% of Americans drink the brewed beverage on a daily basis. But that doesn’t mean coffee is good for you. Yes, there are many benefits, but there is also the fact that the caffeine in coffee is an addictive substance, which leads to nasty withdrawal symptoms if your habit is denied.

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Whether you’re looking to kick your coffee habit or you just don’t like the bitter taste of the roasted beans, these eight beverages have benefits that are two-fold. Some taste just like coffee, allowing you to transition away from the brew. Others give you an all-natural hit of caffeine along with other healthy benefits. So pack up your coffee machine and buy some of these delicious drinks for a healthier and happier morning.

1. Numi Organic Chocolate Pu-erh Tea

If you haven’t tried pu-erh tea, this is your chance to sip an ancient Chinese beverage. This delicate blend of chocolate, tea, nutmeg and cinnamon is high in caffeine, allowing you to replace your daily cup of joe with a cup of tea known to improve digestion and metabolism. Plus, the 48 tea bags in this box are completely organic and sugar free.

coffee replacement best alternatives numi pu-erh chocolate tea Image courtesy of Amazon

Numi Organic Chocolate Pu-erh Tea



2. Prewetts Organic Instant Chicory Drink

Made using certified processes and free of chemicals, Prewetts Organic Instant Chicory Drink offers a similar smooth roasted flavor to coffe, but without the caffeine.

Prewetts Organic Instant Chicory Drink Image courtesy of Amazon

Prewetts Organic Instant Chicory Drink



3. COFFIG Roasted Fig Beverage

Roasted figs? Don’t mind if we do. This all-natural beverage is made with one ingredient only – black figs. The gluten-free drink has a velvety consistency just like coffee but is completely caffeine and acid free. Simply brew the roasted fig beverage like you would a cup of tea and enjoy your new favorite hot drink.

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4. Guayaki Traditional Organic Yerba Mate

Boasting 24 vitamins and minerals, a wealth of amino acids and plenty of antioxidants, Guayaki Organic Yerba Mate loose tea is both uplifting and nourishing. A great start to the day for health-conscious individuals, this smooth, mellow drink is sure to give you a perk up when you require it.

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Guayaki Traditional Organic Yerba Mate

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5. Guarana Antarctica

This soft drink is one of Brazil’s best kept secrets. The unique flavor comes from the delicious guarana fruit, which is dubbed by many as “Brazil’s Coca Cola.” The gluten-free, non-alcoholic beverage is sure to have you hooked from your first sip. It’s great for accompanying meals, big and small, or even just to easing your thirst throughout the day.

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6. Capomo Coffee Alternative

A superfood replacement for your coffee addiction, Capomo Coffee Alternative steps up to the plate with its coffee-like smell and taste to set you free from your caffeine enclosed cage. Loaded with nutrients, you’ll also find plenty of potassium, fiber, calcium and more in this fat free, low calorie and gluten-free delight.

coffee replacement best alternatives capomo maya nut Image courtesy of Amazon

Capomo Coffee Alternative



7. Teeccino Chocolate Organic Chicory Herbal Coffee Alternative

Famous as a caffeine-free alternative to coffee, Teeccino has taken the world by storm with its chicory root beverages. The inulin from this natural ingredient provides beneficial micro-flora for digestive health and an energy boost to keep you moving throughout the day. The best part is that you can make this grind brew in any coffee maker or espresso machine.

coffee replacement best alternatives chocolate tea teeccino Image courtesy of Amazon

Teeccino Chocolate Organic Chicory Herbal Coffee Alternative



8. BulkSupplements Pure Taurine Powder

While it may be more commonly used as a supplement for fitness folks, BulkSupplement Taurine Powder has plenty of benefits for the average person, too. Capable of boosting energy and increasing focus, a spoonful of this amino acid powder is a great way to start your day and kick your caffeine habit.

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BulkSupplements Pure Taurine Powder



9. Get Kombucha Certified Organic Tea Blend

Provided you haven’t been living under a rock for the last five years, you probably know about all the benefits of kombucha. But, you probably also know that buying proper kombucha is expensive and brewing your own is time consuming. That’s why Get Kombucha Certified Organic Tea Blend is so brilliant. This whole leaf tea imitates the taste of the fermented brew and gives you the boost your body needs without the price tag or time commitment.

coffee replacement best alternatives kombucha tea Image courtesy of Amazon

Get Kombucha Certified Organic Tea Blend