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These Teeth Wipes Prevent Stains & Discoloration After Drinking Wine & Coffee

* Drinking coffee and wine can cause discoloration of your teeth
* These wipes prevent stains by cleaning and whitening right away
* Each wipe comes individually wrapped and easily fits in pockets or bags

No matter how much we might wish regular consumption of coffee and wine didn’t have any negative impacts on our bodies, it’s just not true. From intoxication and the high calorie intake of alcohol to the increased restlessness and addiction to caffeine which accompany coffee, some of the things we enjoy in life have to come with a price. One negative impact of drinking these delights is the unfortunate discoloration of your teeth.

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When used on your teeth, these

give you an instantly brighter smile after your mug of coffee or glass of wine. By adding these on-the-go wipes to your whitening arsenal, you’ll be able to further fight the discoloring effects of dark colored beverages, including cola, coffee, red wine and tea.

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Each of the 12 wipes inside each box comes individually wrapped, which is ideal for keeping them about yourself in a pocket, bag or purse for when you need them most. The easy-to-use wipe form also provides a level of discreteness and convenience that other whitening products cannot deliver outside the home.

Next time you’re sipping on your coffee, make sure you have one of these White Wipes ready to clean your teeth and prevent any stains immediately after you’ve finished your beverage. Remember that maintaining a radiant smile is a daily process from brushing your teeth to flossing and using whitening products. This is just one of the steps you need to keep your smile as white as possible.

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As an additional bonus, the wipes also freshen your breath to leave you with a glowing smile and a confidence boost to boot.


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