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The 4 Best Collapsible Water (And Booze) Bottles for Travel and Festivals

* Festival essentials for staying hydrated on-the-go
* Water bottles and flasks that compact after use
* Fill with water, booze and your favorite beverages

Choosing a water bottle that fits your lifestyle may seem like an afterthought, but in reality, investing in the best water bottle for your lifestyle or current adventure at hand should be taken a bit more seriously. Hydration is key when on-the-go and not having to depend on single-use plastic bottles that you have to shell out a few bucks for every time you need a sip is less than ideal. Previously we have offered advice on how to choose the perfect water bottle style for your everyday carry as well as the best stainless steel water bottles for a durable and plastic-free drinking option, and now we are gearing towards collapsible bottles for travel and festival season.

Each of these options offers a portable drinking canteen that can be folded, twisted or flattened down after use so it takes up minimal space in your pack. Whether you need to stay hydrated on your next big hike or keep a stash of your favorite spirit in a discreet container for an outdoor music concert, these are the best portable bottle options we discovered.

1. Leak-Proof Collapsible Water Bottle

This super durable and leak-proof bottle is one of the toughest designs out there making it ideal for campers, festival-goers and partiers alike. Because of its shatterproof and silicon design, it can take a beating, all while holding your precious liquids inside. When not in use, simply crunch down the flexible design and connect the strap to the top of the bottle to maintain its compact size. We love the fact that you can put hot and freezing cold liquids in here and it is virtually spill-proof so it can withstand a day of dancing no doubt.

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2. Hidden Flask Concealable Pouch

For avid drinkers who don’t want to spend big bucks at expensive bars at shows, this portable flask is the way to go. Simply pour in your favorite spirit or mixed drink using the included funnel and you have an eight-ounce cocktail ready to sip wherever you find yourself. When not in use, just collapse the plastic container and it will fold flat into your bag for easy carry. Because it is refillable (and undetectable by X-ray scanners) you can keep using this pouch all season long—and save a few plastic bottles all the while.

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3. Collapsible Water Bottle

Designed using a very unique spiral technique that actually lets you twist the bottle down into a smaller and more portable bottle, this heavy duty bottle is a must have for any traveler. The 20-ounce bottle is made with plastic-free materials and a stainless steel lid making it great for rugged adventures and long days under the festival skies, where you don’t have to worry about spills or leaks while raging.

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4. Travel Packable Water Bottle

These colorful 16-ounce plastic flasks hold exactly one pint of beer or a nice amount of fresh water for those opting out of the booze. They are both collapsible and easy to carry a few different ways because of the included carabiner that allows you to attach it to backpacks, belt loops or tucked away into pockets and travel packs. When not in use, just flatten and roll up into a conveniently sized container that gets out of your way for less bulk on the road.

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