The 9 Best Compost Bins of 2019 From Amazon

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* Composting uses your old food and yard waste to produce soil
* This soil is nutrient rich and great for growing your own plants and food
* These are the best in-home and outdoor composting bins in 2019

We produce food waste every day. Whether it’s the core from an apple or the bones from a roasted chicken, the reality is that some food parts taste bad and aren’t really made for humans to eat. But, just because you can’t eat them doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. Welcome to the world of composting.

Composting uses waste to produce a useful organic material through the decomposing process. This nutrient-rich product can be used to feed gardens and plants like homegrown vegetables, helping you save money and reducing your carbon footprint.

In our list of the best compost bins for 2019, you’ll find a mix of indoor and outdoor composting options. It’s important to note that an outdoor composter is where the compost is produced. Indoor options provide you with a temporary holding place before transferring the organic waste outside.

Forget adding organic waste to your weekly dump and instead enjoy free, nutrient-rich food for your plants as well as a cleaner environmental conscience.

1. OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin

The OXO Good Grips Compost Bin is an ideal option for your in-house kitchen composting needs. The design is simple yet stylish and includes an easy carry handle, contoured bottom and fully removable lid for easy emptying. The lid also locks to keep odors trapped inside, and the bin comes in a choice of white or black to match your kitchen interiors.

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2. Full Circle Breeze Odor-Free Compost Bin

This Full Circle Breeze Countertop Compost Bin offers a simple solution for in-house composting. It uses Fresh AirTM technology to prevent odors, minimize mess and keep annoying flies from appearing. The smart design of the lid also ensures it never needs to come into contact with your kitchen surfaces, helping keep your kitchen as clean as possible. On delivery, the 0.85 gallon bin is ready to go and includes 3 compostable bags to help you along the way.

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3. Misc Home Indoor Kitchen Compost Bin

For those searching for a classier in-house composting option, the stainless steel appearance of the Misc Home Indoor Kitchen Compost Bin is sure to please. It features two odor-absorbing activated charcoal filters to keep smells at bay, and it makes a great wedding or house warming gift idea if the person in question is moving to an area with mandatory composting (San Francisco, we’re looking at you). There’s also an easy-carry handle and non-stick interior for easy carrying and cleaning, respectively.

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4. Full Circle Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Bin

With a functional, rectangular design, the Full Circle Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Bin is made to maximize food storage and minimize odor and flies. It features an easy-open button and comes with five compostable bags to start you on your composting journey. Plus, the 1.5 gallon size makes it great for office and home use, and it’s also made from earth-friendly materials, including recycled plastic and steel.

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5. Geobin Compost Bin

When it comes to outdoor composting, the Geobin Compost Bin is a quick, easily installed answer to your needs. The waste paper bin appearance is pleasant to the eye yet provides plenty of ventilation for your compost. Its size can also be adjusted depending on your waste production, and the bin itself is produced from 50% recycled plastic content.

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6. Behrens Manufacturing Composter Trash Can

The Behrens Manufacturing Composter Trash Can is a Mexican-made option which is perfect for helping you clean up your yard and compost your food waste. The large volume can can hold plenty of leaves, food and other organic waste, while the metal construction will not fade or crack like plastic models. The tough build is also resistant to fire, heat and rust and includes a heavy gauge lid to keep your compost trapped inside.

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7. Kitchen Compost Caddy Cabinet Mounted Compost Bin

This Kitchen Compost Caddy Compost Bin is an indoor composting option which handily attaches to the inside of your kitchen cabinets. It boasts over 350 5-star reviews with over 90% of users awarding it top marks. The design uses an intelligent hanging system to keep the bin in place until you need to empty it. At this point, the easy-carry handle makes the process simple. The lid also locks open to prevent awkward emptying.

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8. Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin

The Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin is another behemoth when it comes to positive reviews from users. Over 5,700 5-star reviews indicate there’s very little chance you won’t love what this bin. The design is simple yet functional and is produced from the highest grade stainless steel to prevent rust. The compost bin also includes a replaceable charcoal filter and a carry handle for easy transport when your bin is full.

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9. Envirocycle The Most Beautiful Composter

Sporting the most unique design on our list, Envirocycle’s The Most Beautiful Composter in The World is an eye-catching outdoor composting option. This all-in-one composter is available in black and pink and produces both liquid and solid compost. It also requires no assembly. The composter is made in the USA and constructed from BPA-free, food safe plastic. Simply add your food and other organic waste like you would to in any other bin and begin your composting journey with ease.

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