Dominate the Holiday Baking Game With These Festive Cookie Cutters

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Needless to say, the holidays are going to look quite different this year. Along with the COVID-19 pandemic has come radical shifts in what is safe to do, where is safe to go and who is safe to see. Family gatherings are going to be affected, outings to plays and shows aren’t going to happen, large dinners in restaurants are a riskier move by the day and holiday shopping in malls is no longer an option. There is one thing that this pandemic hasn’t taken away from us this holiday season — and that is holiday dessert decorating with festive cookie cutters.

Food is something we can definitely still enjoy this year, and cookie decorating is a relatively COVID-safe holiday activity within your bubble or pod. Sure, you could decorate regular ol’ round cookies and call it a day, or you could use festive cookie cutters to add shape and character to each cookie you make. They make cookie cutters in a variety of shapes spanning countless members of the animal kingdom, Christmas favorites like trees and snowmen, angels and stars. We’ve gathered our favorite cookie cutters that will add decoration and festive fun to your holiday dessert selection, and some of them can be used all year round. Make your life easier and achieve the perfect cookie seamlessly with these easy-to-use cookie cutters available to order online.

1. Wilton Cookie Cutters 101-Piece Set


This set is huge, and comes with a very reasonable price tag given how many different cookies you can make. It has 101 colorful plastic cookie cutters that range in shape from all the letters in the alphabet to holidays of all kinds including Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and the 4th of July. They’re dishwasher safe and very easy to clean. You can use them to cut cookies as well as sandwiches and other foods into fun shapes.

Wilton Cookie Cutters 101-Piece Set, best cookie cutters Courtesy of Amazon


2. Hibery 15-Piece Christmas Cookie Cutter Set


Cookie decorating and the holidays kind of go together — and this cookie cutter set has all the shapes you want for making a huge batch of delicious Christmas treats. Each cookie cutter is made of high-quality stainless steel, one side soft and the other sharp for cutting into dough with ease. The package includes 15 different shapes including a tree, Santa head, reindeer, snowflake, snowman and more. Purchase this as a stay-at-home holiday activity for the family or gift it to a loved one as a thoughtful reminder to treat yourself this holiday season.

Hibery 15-Piece Christmas Cookie Cutter Set, cookie cutters Courtesy of Amazon


3. Q-BAKER 8-Piece Thanksgiving Cookie Cutters


Thanksgiving deserves its own set as an important American holiday for families, and this cookie cutter set has all of your favorite Thanksgiving shapes for creating cookies filled with gratitude. It has a pumpkin, maple leaf, turkey, squirrel, acorn and other fall-themed shapes perfect for November festivities. The set is made up of eight food-safe stainless steel molds that are great for dough, sandwiches, cheese or even clay if you’re getting crafty. Create a gift basket for neighbors or add another safe-at-home activity to your family’s list for Thanksgiving.

Q-BAKER Thanksgiving cookie cutters, best cookie cutters Courtesy of Amazon


4. Wilton Animal Cookie Cutter 50-Piece Set


This set of 50 cookie cutters costs less than $8 so if you’re trying to tighten your purse strings this holiday season, this is the option for you. Despite the lower price tag it includes a whole bunch of animal shape favorites and they’re all easy to use for even the littlest of hands. The set is top rack dishwasher safe and comes with a variety of colors that are engaging for little eyeballs.

Wilton animal cookie cutters 50-piece set, cookie cutters Courtesy of Amazon


5. Homy Feel Round Biscuit Cutter Set


This round cookie cutter set is made of 18/8 commercial-grade stainless steel and offers a more traditional cookie and biscuit shape for your decorating needs. These cookie cutters are made strong so they retain their shape after years of use, are rust-proof, dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 500 degrees as well. They have roll top edges to protect your fingers and a clean edge at the bottom so you get the accurate cut you need for the best baked goods possible.

Homy Feel round cookie biscuit set, cookie cutters Courtesy of Amazon


6. Sweet Cookie Crumbs Gingerbread Man Set of 3


Arguably the reigning king of the holiday cookie set, the gingerbread man is a holiday classic and with these cookie cutters you can make one of your own at home. This set of three cookie cutters is made of food-grade premium stainless steel that’s designed to not rust even after years of use. They’re also dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean them up after crafting your gingerbread holiday companions. This set comes with three different size options, the largest of which is 5.8″ tall, 4.8″ wide and 1″ deep.

gingerbread cookie cutter holiday set, cookie cutters Courtesy of Walmart


7. Wilton Holiday Cookie Cutter 18-Piece Set


This budget cookie cutter set is affordable and entirely holiday themed. It contains 18 different sturdy metal cookie cutters that come in a resealable plastic container for simple storage. The shapes include a simple boy and girl, a mitten, Christmas tree, candy cane, ornament and snowflake. These cookie cutters require hand washing in warm water and soap after each use and each one measures approximately three inches high. You don’t need to spend a ton to create festive holiday goodies, and with proper care these may last for years to come.

Wilton holiday cookie cutter set, cookie cutters Courtesy of Amazon


8. Sir Madam Copper Cookie Cutters Set of 3


These copper cookie cutters are made of traditional solid copper which makes them incredibly durable. They’re available in sets of 3 in the shape of ribbons or whales and each set comes with three different size varieties. Each cookie cutter also has a handle across the top that makes it easier to press your dough into place.

sir madam copper cookie cutters, cookie cutters Courtesy of Food52


9. Mindful Eating Yoga Cookie Cutters


Mindful eating around the holidays? Not always possible, but these yoga cookies will remind you to move and take care of your body as you see fit. Plus, they’re perfect for your yogi sister-in-law as a stocking stuffer or for adding a new and different shape to your existing cookie cutter collection. They’re made of sturdy metal and include a warrior 2 pose, a downward-facing dog and a crescent lunge all of which can be flavored and decorated to your heart’s desire.

mindful eating cookie cutter set, cookie cutters Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


10. Snowman Cookie Baking Set


This kit takes the average cookie cutter set up a notch and adds in a festive apron, a rolling pin, frosting dispensers and of course a selection of cookie cutters. It’s a set made for helping little kids enjoy the holidays and make some delicious sweets too. The set comes with five cookie cutters, a children’s apron and a recipe book so your dough comes together smoothly. We love the cohesive theme that works perfectly for the holidays and all winter long.

snowman cookie baking set, cookie cutters Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


11. LEFUBABY 10-Piece Plaque Frame Cookie Cutter Set


Well-decorated cookies make for beautiful plaques for a display or for labeling each cookie as its maker, and this set comes with eight different varieties to choose from. Each cookie cutter is made of durable, rust-proof stainless steel and can be used over the holidays or for any special occasion where formal cookies are desired. Each decorative frame is sophisticated and unique and compliments the other shapes in the set well.

10-piece plaque cookie cutter set, cookie cutters Courtesy of Amazon


12. Jurassic Dinosaur Cookie Cutters Set


So they’re not holiday related, per se, but these detailed dinosaur skeleton cookie cutters are so cool, and we just had to include them. They made vivid dinosaur outlines that can be decorated in a multitude of ways including embossing of the skeleton bones. These can be used in the kitchen just as well as in the play room with Playdoh, if that’s the vibe your kids are feeling. The 3-pack contains a T-rex, a Stegosaurus and a Triceratops.

jurassic dinosaur cookie cutter set, cookie cutters Courtesy of Amazon