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Perfect Pour Over Coffee With a Stagg Copper Kettle

* Pour-over copper kettle used by home baristas and professionals alike
* Features a gooseneck, brewing thermometer and counterweight handle
* Stainless steel interior of the kettle makes it compatible with most stoves

Make pour over coffee like the professionals with the Stagg Pour Over Kettle. This kettle features a sleek, modern design with its sharp angles and a copper finish, but its main purpose is purely functional. The Stagg can pour hot water at a slow and steady pace necessary for a well-balanced brew. In fact, this model was even used by competing baristas in the 2016 U.S. and Dutch Brewers Cup Championships.

The steel kettle marries quality and versatility with its stainless steel lid, 1-liter boiling capacity and compatibility with gas, electric and induction stoves. More importantly, it possesses three unique features: a built-in thermometer, a gooseneck and a counterbalanced handle.

First and foremost, the brew-range thermometer contains red markings between 195 and 205 degrees to indicate optimal temperature for coffee-making perfection. Simply boil your kettle and watch the needle settle between these marks, then begin the pour over process to avoid bitter or smoky-tasting coffee.

Furthermore, the long gooseneck spout and its fluted tip provides the optimal flow rate and precision for pour over drinks. You’ll be able to evenly distribute hot water over all your rich beans.

Finally, the counterbalanced handle ensures you never over pour. The weight shifts the center of mass closer to your hand for easier use of the copper kettle.

Whether you’re looking to up your barista game or simple love a good pour over, the Stagg Copper Pour Over Kettle is a modern design that’s as functional as it is beautiful.

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