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Corral Your Cork Collection

* An instant conversation starter
* Holds up to 45 corks
* A great gift for any occasion

Here’s a charming way to celebrate your celebrations. The Our Picnic Plus Moose-Shape Cork Cage Caddy is great for collecting and saving your wine bottle corks. And, this moose holds up to 45 of them, which makes it a reminder of many good times had. After all, every bottle of wine tells a different story.

Wine corks are a symbol of joy and festivity. Seeing them on display will bring back many happy memories. But, you don’t want them strewn about loose on a countertop or just piled up in a bowl. Instead, this cork caddy looks fantastic and makes a fun conversation piece no matter where you place it – on the front porch, bar, mantle, or coffee table.

It’s hand-crafted from durable steel with a weathered patina finish that makes it look like an authentic, long-held heirloom. It also has a chalkboard plate that’s perfect for adding your own creative touch. The front panel opens for easy cork loading. And, at 13 inches, it’s tall enough to have a presence without taking up too much space.

And, talk about a great gift. This pairs perfectly with any bottle of wine to make a thoughtful gift they’re guaranteed to remember.

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