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Coyuchi’s Conserve Collection Makes Sustainable Living Easier Than Ever

Coyuchi recently invited SPY to review their Spring 2022 Edit, which included, amongst other things, the most gorgeous and cozy duvets, quilts, blankets and Percale sheets. The preview, filled with organic materials in muted colors to suit any dwelling space, also shared a glimpse at Coyuchi’s newly released Conserve Collection and we have to admit, it was truly love at first sight.

The Conserve Collection is a selection of sustainable and organic snack bags, produce bags, paperless towels and bowl covers that are transforming the way we think about food storage and containers as a whole. Designed with 100% organic cotton, Coyuchi notes that their Conserve Collection was designed to help consumers take that important step towards creating a zero-waste kitchen. By replacing single-use items such as plastic wrap, paper towels, plastic snack bags and plastic produce bags with sustainable products that can be used over and over again, Coyuchi’s Conserve Collection is changing the game on how we carry and store foods in our homes.

As part of the organic home textile company’s effort to preserve nature and nurture Mother Earth, they’ve figured out a way to create products that are not only good for the environment but also look great.

The gorgeous earthy tones fit into today’s minimalist aesthetic perfectly. Steel Blue, Ginger, Cinnamon and Blue Jay backed with neutral ivory tones give each piece a calming look that will look right in nearly any kitchen.

Coyuchi is a member of Made Safe, the leading certifier of chemical safety in consumer products, ensuring their products are free of harmful additions such as flame retardants and formaldehyde so you can rest assured that these home products will be safe for your home and family.

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Check out the full collection below.


Coyuchi Conserve Organic Bowl Covers

Ditch the plastic wrap and go for a sustainable option with this set of three reversible bowl covers. Crafted from Coyuchi’s Crinkled Percale fabric, you can choose between Ginger or Steel Blue striped on one side and solid on the other with an elastic hem that helps the bowl covers fit various jars, bowls and dishes. Each set comes with one small, one medium and one large bowl cover.

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Courtesy of Coyuchi


Coyuchi Conserve Organic Snack Bags

This set of snack bags uses 100% organic cotton to reduce the use of traditional plastic bags. The set of four comes with two small and two medium zippered pouches that are ideal for dry snacks and contents such as chips, crackers or other items like pens or toiletries. They’re machine washable and utilize colorful (Steel Blue or Ginger) zippers to keep contents concealed.

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Courtesy of Coyuchi


Coyuchi Conserve Organic Produce Bags

This set of three reusable produce bags helps keep vegetables and fruits fresh while eliminating the need for plastic bags. Made of organic undyed cotton, they can be dampened to help keep content fresh and prevent wilting. In this set, there’s a large French terry bag for leafy greens and two smaller mesh bags for dry, firm produce like apples and potatoes.

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Courtesy of Coyuchi

Coyuchi Conserve Organic Paperless Towels

Rid your home of disposable paper towels with Coyuchi’s organic paperless towel collection. Designed in the fashion of the brand’s Organic Waffle Kitchen Towels, this set of eight paperless towels is made of 100% organically grown cotton in a factory that recycles 98% of its wastewater. Each set comes come in a minimalist ivory hue with a Cinnamon or Blue Jay-colored trim.

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Courtesy of Coyuchi


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