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But First, Coffee: 10 Crazy Coffee Mugs to Add to Your Collection

* Coffee mugs to help rouse a slumbering brain
* Add some amusement to your morning cup of joe
* Mugs designed with unique graphics, from Star Wars to Sigmund Freud

A coffee mug is often one of the first things we’re conscious of during the day. So why not wake up to one that’s interesting, inspiring, or just so weird it actually helps shake off that sleep induced complacency? There’s no need to settle for a lackluster mug when you can drink from one of these ten crazy options instead.

1. Recycling Bin Mug

Inspired by the ubiquitous big mouth recycling bin, this coffee mug will help you turn trash into treasure–even early in the morning.


2. Game Controller Mug

With handles patterned after console game controllers, this coffee mug spells “game over” for sleepiness. It’ll make a great gift or stocking stuffer for the gamer in your life, too.


3. Coffee Before Talkie Mug

“Coffee Before Talkie.” For those of us addicted to java, this mug takes the words right out of our mouths, and replaces those words with sweet, life-saving coffee.


4. Might Be Vodka Mug

If a chat over coffee quickly turns into a “it’s 5-o’clock somewhere” conversation, then this funny mug is for you. Who knows what this plain white ceramic exterior conceals. Your secret is safe with us.


5. Toilet Mug

If a day without coffee is just plain crappy, consider this toilet-inspired mug. For extra comedic effect, fill this hilarious toilet mug with the darkest, turkish coffee you can stir up. Who’s calling you a potty-mouth now?


6. Sriracha Mug

This red hot mug plays tribute to one of LA’s most beloved hot sauces brands. Since it’s sadly hard to just drink straight sriracha, this mug is the next best thing for hot sauce lovers.


7. Hair Dryer Mug

Polish off your beauty sleep with this tongue-in-cheek hair dryer mug that proclaims “I woke up like this.” Of course you did!

[caption id="attachment_88413" align="aligncenter" width="524"]hair dryer mug Image Courtesy Amazon[/caption]


8. Darth Vader Self Stirring Mug

A stirring rendition of a mug, this self-stirring Darth Vader mug uses the force (of 2 AAA batteries sold separately) to stir your beverage for you. James Bond might not like it, but this is what peak coffee nerd live for.

Lazy loaded image
Image Courtesy ThinkGeek[/caption]


9. Freudian Sips Mug

This “Freudian Sips” mug commemorates the famous Viennese psychologist with a pun-based tribute and pop-art illustration. Sometimes a hot cup of joe is just a hot cup of joe.


10. The Mug with a Hoop

Think of this playful mug as Hoop Dreams for your coffee break. This mug lets you turn your French press into half-court press, and invites to not just to dunk your marshmallow topping, but to slam-dunk them. The irritation of co-workers is virtually guaranteed.


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