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Build Your Own Coffee Mug With This $8 Building Block Set

* Because a cup of coffee is one of the building blocks of a successful day
* Great for problem solving and creativity
* Playing with blocks meets adulting

If you love legos and building things as much as you need your morning coffee, this DIY build-your-own coffee cup may be just your cup of er.. tea.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a ceramics kiln handy though, it’s not that DIY: rather, the building block coffee mug comes with a pre-formed cup “core,” that is already watertight and able to handle hot liquids first thing in the morning.

On the outside is where it gets interesting: lego-style blocks let you pile on shapes and even structural elements and characters. If you’re looking for ergonomic perfection you can challenge yourself with multiple configurations of external cup shape. Or choose among a variety of aesthetic possibilities. With the different blocks and patterns you can make, this DIY coffee mug is about as close as you can get to a Tetris-themed drinking apparatus.

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Combining caffeine and some constructive, creative exercise might just be the way to get your brain into gear in the mornings. This building block coffee mug lets you work out your visual-spatial processor without having to look away from your coffee. It can also be used as mnemonic device, or to facilitate low-key communication across a meeting table at the office.

And at under $10, it’s an easy pick up from Amazon. It makes a great gift too, for a friend, co-worker or for an unexpected and fun housewarming present.

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