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This Pizza Box Oven Cooks Frozen ‘Za in Minutes

* Low-priced pizza oven for fresh pies at home
* Tastier than frozen pizza, and much cheaper than delivery
* Fun design adds color to any kitchen

Cooking fresh pizza at home just got easier and cheaper. Trying to get homemade pizzas perfectly golden brown in a regular oven isn’t easy – hence the booming frozen and delivery pizza industries. But frozen pizza never really hits the spot, and delivery can be an expensive gamble.

Enter the CuiZen Pizza Box Oven. It’s purpose-built to cook homemade pizzas to perfection, and makes an easy kitchen upgrade at just $45 (about the same as three delivery pizzas). It heats up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit, has a 30 minute timer, and cooks pies up to 12”.

The high voltage (1200 watts) combined with top and bottom heating elements and a rotating pan ensure delicious restaurant quality pizza every time. Plus, the classic pizza box design and color adds charm to any kitchen.

The Pizza Box Oven is also very safe and easy to use, making it ideal for parties or family dinner night. Cooking pizza at home has always been fun, but somewhat of a chore. This oven maintains all the fun of cooking your own pizza, and makes it even better by eliminating the difficulty.

Get a couple of these for a pizza-themed party, and see how much your guests love making their own personal pizza right on the table or kitchen counter. Bonus: it cooks frozen pizzas too. Plus, reviewers say it saves electricity too, as there isn’t a large oven to turn on and heat up.