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I Hate Having to Netflix and Chill By Myself But This Pillow Might Change My Mind

* This cup holder pillow makes the prospect of a night alone more appealing
* It has space for your drinks, snacks, gaming controllers and remote controls
* Ideal for use in your bedroom, living room, man cave or even in cars

While the prospect of a night of watching Netflix by yourself may once have been an unappealing prospect, the

gives you the ideal way to enjoy a night accompanied by only your favorite snacks, drinks and entertainment options. As an added benefit, this pillow won’t argue with you about what to watch, either!

Sporting 4 individual, cup-sized holes designed to hold a range of drinks and snacks, the pillow also boasts a central pocket big enough for smartphones, TV remotes and controllers. Thanks to all this space, you’ll be able to fill the cup cozy pillow with everything you need for an evening of couch-bound indulging. The square pillow also sports 2 handles on opposite sides so getting from the kitchen to your couch is a hassle-free task.

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The cup holders in the pillow are designed to hold any size drink, cup or mug snuggly. This ensures nothing gets spilled during your chilling time. Plus, the insulation surrounding the cup holders keeps your drinks at the temperature you want them, whether that’s hot or cold.

This novelty cushion is suitable for anyone with friends, too. The impressive available space makes it ideal for use in lounges, bedrooms, cars, man-caves, she-sheds and even outdoors at picnics or the beach. The cup cozy pillow also makes a great gift idea for friends of all ages who love their time in front of the TV or chilling out with a good book. It comes in a range of color options, including black, gray, blue, camo and even cheetah print.

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Forget having to interrupt your relaxing time to go to the kitchen for a drink or reaching across to an inconveniently placed coffee table. Redefine what chilling means to you with this convenient couch companion.


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