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It Costs Less Than $20 To Create The Perfect Creme Brulee

* Make a crisp, delicious Creme Brulee in the comfort of your home
* This torch is easy to use for beginners
* Read the gauge to see when it’s time for an easy refill

It’s almost a universally acknowledged truth that everyone’s favorite part of dinner is dessert. But why wait until your next restaurant outing to enjoy creme brulee, when you can create a professional quality substitute in the comfort of your own kitchen? The

is a lightweight, high-powered blow torch that’s easy for beginners to use. Filled with butane, the window gauge will easily tell you how much gas is remaining so you know when a refill is needed. The durable metal body emits an adjustable flame, so you can caramelize your desert to your liking.

It comes with a built-in safety button that locks the ignition, so you don’t need to worry about any kitchen accidents. It’s also only eight inches tall, so you don’t have to worry about scrounging around for that extra kitchen storage. Aside from making great creme brulees, this device can also help you finish crisping dishes, or even igniting them, a la Baked Alaska. Impress when you’re hosting your next dinner party with these advanced dishes that have a flame-worthy finish.

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