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Get These $5 Attachments and Never Worry About Cracking Glasses in the Dishwasher Again

* Secures valuable glasses in dishwashers
* Prevents damage and cracks 
* Able to withstand hot temperatures

If you own a dishwasher, you’ve probably experienced one of these scenarios A) you put your fancy wine glasses in the dishwasher and they get demolished or B) you don’t push your dishes in the dishwasher to prevent them from getting destroyed so you have to hand wash them every time you use them. Both are unpleasant options, but fortunately, there is a brilliant solution. Prime Worldwide Traders has developed a

that secures your valuable glassware from getting slammed around in the dishwasher.

Simply attach one end to the stem of your dirty wine glass and attach the other end to the dishwasher rack. This secures the glass in place so it can’t be pushed into other dishes by the high-velocity water required for proper dish washing.

These tethers are made of high quality silicone that can handle the intense heat inside dishwashers, and they’re adjustable so you can secure your glasses just how you need them.

Of course, the big upside is you will no longer have to wash your wine glasses, champagne flutes, even crystal drink ware by hand. At under $15 for a set of 4 tethers, they’re a steal.