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Make a Perfect Cocktail Every Time With This Smart Scale

* Accompanying recipe app has over 400 cocktail recipes
* No measuring involved
* Scale also works with Perfect Company’s Vitamix and Perfect Bake products

There are countless gadgets and tools that claim they’ll help you mix and pour the perfect cocktail. These tools will probably work just fine, but few, if any, appear to be as easy to use as

, which doesn’t require you to measure an ounce of liquid.

Instead, you need only pour whichever ingredients the accompanying recipe app calls for until you hear the scale beep, which means you’ve poured the right amount. The kit includes a 750ml stainless steel shaker but you can use any glass you wish. Whether you’re pouring a single drink or making a batch, the

allows you to adjust the serving size ensuring a well balanced drink every time.

Even better, the Pro model scale doubles as a kitchen scale when you’re not mixing drinks. If you’re unsure what to make with what you have on hand, just punch the list of ingredients into the app and it will offer up a few suggested recipes. The best part? The Pro model scale even works with Perfect Company’s Perfect Bake and Vitamix products. Drinks, baked goods and more? Is there anything this smart scale can’t do?