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Instant Coffee That’s Actually Tasty? We Thought It Was Too Good to Be True, Until Dripkit Came Along

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For most functioning adults in 2020, the phrase “instant coffee” induces an almost involuntary feeling of revulsion. It conjures up images of funky smelling brown flakes in tiny glass jars that require a lot of hot water and a whole lot more stirring before the finished product is somewhat “enjoyable.” And don’t get us started on the taste. So when we heard there was a new brand touting their high-quality and tasty instant coffee, it’s safe to say we were more than skeptical. But here we are, covering them for our site, because we were wrong.

Meet Dripkit. Run by Ilana Kruger (the founder and CEO) and Gabe Boscana (the head of coffee), Dripkit brings small-batch and delicious coffee right to your door. To start off, Boscana scours the planet looking for high-quality beans from family-run farms. These beans (which are not yet roasted) are then shipped to Brooklyn where the team roasts them, grinds them and ships them to your door. This delivers a cup that is as fresh as possible, every time.

But aside from high-quality ground beans arriving at your door (which is pretty nice, we’ll admit), what separates Dripkit from everyone else? Where Dripkit truly shines is in their handy pour-over design. Each coffee pack folds up origami-style to create a nice little pour-over filter that fits on top of your average mug. All you have to do is heat the water, place the filter on top of your drinking vessel, pour and enjoy. It’s that easy. This is care-free coffee consumption. A just-add-water cup of jealousy-inducing joe that you can enjoy at home or on the go.

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Courtesy of Dripkit

While there is plenty to get excited about on Dripkit’s website (looking at you, drool-worthy Hasami Mugs), the main event is the Perfect Pour Over Kit. For $100, you get 10 Single Origin Guatemalan Aguas Altas Dripkits and a Hario Buono V60 Electric Kettle, aka the prettiest electric kettle you’ve ever seen. The combination is enough to make you consider ditching your local shop for good. And that’s before you try the stuff. One swig of this delectable brew and you’ll shred that Starbucks gift card you got for Christmas.

To go from empty mug to satisfied coffee-induced smile, start by filling your Hario kettle with water and flicking it on. It’s designed to heat to the perfect coffee brewing temperature, so you don’t have to make any calculations or think at all, just turn it on. Once the water is ready, tear open your coffee pack for the day, unfold it and place it on your mug. From there, all you have to do is pour, wait and enjoy.

Once you get in the Dripkit groove, we recommend saddling up to one of their subscriptions. The three-month subscription comes with 10 coffee packs for a manageable $75, taking the thought and worry out of your morning cup.

For those who like to frequent the great outdoors, we also recommend bringing along a few Dripkit packets. It’s hard to beat a piping hot cup of coffee after an evening sleeping under the stars (and on the ground), and with the pour-over method perfected in their handy packs, Dripkit makes the ultimate camping companion.