These Easy-to-Carry Snack-able Meals Will Ensure You Never Get Hangry Again

Campbell's Soup Well Yes
Courtesy of Demi Ward
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* Don’t be the hangry grump on your next trip
* Keep your protein—and attitude—in check with these snacks
* Great for travel, camping and long work days 

Being hangry is never a good look on anyone. Don’t be that guy and avoid hunger pangs on the road with friends and family by stashing some of these breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals in your pack. We are always on the lookout for convenient treats while traveling, long days at the office, or prepping for an outdoor adventure to avoid this exact problem, which is why we have garnered some of the healthiest protein bars available and protein-packed snacks that can be enjoyed on the road. This time, we gathered four delicious snacks that can also double as a mini-meal when hunger strikes and you need a healthy indulgence to fight off the bad temper.

From Campbell’s savory vegetable soups to paleo-friendly and low-sugar Wild Zora meals, just add hot water or heat up these up in the microwave for a quick hit of health while on the road.

1.Campbell’s Well Yes! Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup

These veggie-based travel soups come in a variety of blends, including their butternut squash and sweet potato, sweet corn and roasted poblano and red pepper and tomato. Simply heat up for two minutes and you have a drinkable meal in your hands. They are made with non-GMO ingredients, no added sugar and pureed vegetables for a super satisfying snack that helps you get right back to enjoying the adventure at hand.

Campbell's Well Yes! Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup Courtesy of Target


2. Keen One Quinoa Cups

Quinoa, oh quinoa. The favorite grain that has made its way into almost every health bowl out there. These Keen One cups are made with organic quinoa from Bolivia, tasty herbs, and savory vegetables that come in six different blends like Jamaican jerk and pesto pasta. Just add boiling water and enjoy the grains health benefits including amino acids and fiber.

Keen One Quinoa Cups Courtesy of Amazon

3. Wild Zora Paleo Meals To-Go

These freeze-dried Paleo meals are ideal for the wellness-obsessed traveler who doesn’t like to sacrifice good food when venturing out in the world. So, ditch the gas station foods and instead opt for this Palisade pineapple mango blend made with organic flaxseeds, mangos, bananas, nuts and pineapples. All you have to do is pop open the oxygen absorber packet, then add water, re-seal, shake and then open for a super fresh and low-sugar meal.

Wild Zora Paleo Meals To-Go Courtesy of Amazon

4. Mountain House Scrambled Eggs with Bacon

For breakfast enthusiasts who don’t want to miss out on their favorite meal of the day, stock up on these scrambled eggs and bacon meals that are pre-cooked and just need hot water. They are awesome for camping as they come in these sturdy containers that can be packed into a duffel or backpack and offer a tasty morning treat that you can share with friends and fellow campers.

Campbell's WMountain House Scrambles Eggs with Baconell Yes! Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup Courtesy of Amazon