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Make Your Own Cold Brew Coffee at Home With This Easy-to-Use Kit

* Never pay for bland iced coffee again
* Each batch yields over 15 ounces of concentrate
* Kit includes water and coffee filters

Cold brew coffee isn’t quite as difficult to make at home as you might be lead to believe. While there are plenty of DIY solutions, the easiest method to making your own iced coffee at home might just be to pick up


If you thought cold brew was just iced coffee, you’d be half right. Actual cold brew coffee is brewed over a 12-24 hour period using room temperature or cold water. What that generally yields is a mellow, low acidic and well-rounded tasting coffee in the form of a concentrate. So don’t drink it on its own or you’ll be wired for quite a while. Iced coffee drinks, like a latte or Americano, on the other hand are made with espresso and ice.

The aforementioned kit from BeanPlus includes everything you need, like water and coffee filters. With a slow drip valve and built-in water filtration system, the BeanPlus Cold Drip Brewer Basic Kit will yield up to 15.5 ounces of extract. Just be sure to cut each serving with equal parts water and concentrate.

If you’re an avid iced coffee drinker, this kit from BeanPlus will more than pay for itself before summer’s end. But let’s be honest, any day is a good day for iced coffee.

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