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This Kegerator is (Literally) the Coolest Way to Serve Beer at Home

* Commercial-grade beer and CO2 lines
* Ultra-low temperature
* Lightweight and easy to use 

This ultra-low temp, full-size kegerator is a must-have for the home minibar. EdgeStar’s free-standing, full-size kegerator is renowned for its reliability and ability to deliver a bar-quality, cold beer, on-tap experience at home.

At 20 inches, it’s large enough and durable enough to serve the needs of home brewers and yet easy to set up as well, making the EdgeStar kegerator a great fit in any home kitchen or minibar set up. It’ll work whether you brew your own beer, ale or mead or just want to be able to have perfect temperature beer on tap. Naturally, the kegerator is a hit at parties.

A great early summer investment, the kegerator can be just the thing to put your Fourth of July party over the top. The kegerator features an industrial-strength low temp refrigerator designed to fit specifically in the space. It also boasts commercial-grade NSF-approved beer and CO2 lines, high quality D-couplers and an aluminum CO2 tank.

All the parts come with a warranty and even the installation can be warranted for up to 90-days. The EdgeStar free standing kegerator offers casters for easy mobility and weighs only 80 lbs dry.

These EdgeStar kegerators are especially notable for their superb cooling performance. Able to reach temperatures in the low 30s, they are among the coldest commercially-available beer dispensers. This lets you serve a true “cold one with the boys [and girls]” and, for home brewers, adds to the appeal of your beer concoctions.

With a high quality tap that makes it easy to get the ideal amount of head on your beer, the full-size kegerator from EdgeStar is an MVP when it comes to summer parties.

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