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Prepare and Enjoy a Fantastic Cup of Coffee On-the-Go

* Designed to make great tasting coffee for people on the move
* Insulated stainless steel keeps your brew warm for hours
* Experience deep, rich flavor with no grit in your brew

While definitely not the first of its kind, the Espro Coffee Travel Press might be the most innovative of its competitors. Unable to find the perfect travel brewer for coffee or tea, the makers of Espro decided to invent one themselves. With the help of Kickstarter, 566 backers and a passion for coffee, the team at Espro created a brand new, patented, double micro-filter that gives you the flavor of a press with no mess.

This award-winning design creates extraction that stops on a dime – after pressing, extraction stops instantly, so every sip tastes perfect. Also, unlike other presses, the aforementioned double micro-filter gives you deep rich flavor without any grit left in your mug. Brew, steep and sip coffee all in one convenient tumbler.

The Espro Travel Press was especially created and designed for people that want great tasting coffee when they are on the move. In addition to the unique extraction process, the travel mug is made with insulated, double-walled stainless steel that will keep your coffee toasty for 4-6 hours and is guaranteed for life not to ever break or leak.

Simply pour your favorite coffee grounds into the mug, add hot water and stir. Wait four minutes, press and enjoy. You can adjust the amount of coffee and time to change the strength of your coffee for your personal preference.

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