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The 90s Are Alive at Your Party With These Floppy Disc Coasters

* Adds cute, nostalgic appeal
* Great for game rooms and home minibars
* Authentic details, size and shape 

These nostalgic floppy disc drink coasters help keep your coffee tables and countertops clean while bringing a fun, retro vibe and making a great conversation starter. Authentically detailed and sized just like old floppy discs, they are full of web 1.0 charm and recall the exciting early days of the internet, dial-up modems and old Macintosh “save to disc” icons.

The iconic floppy disc was in widespread use from the 1980s until the early 2000s, with a peak of some five billion 3 and 1/2 inch floppy discs in use in 1996. The high density disc format, of which these coasters are an authentic reproduction, could store about 1.44 MB of data. Over 10,000 of them would be needed to fit as much data as the smallest iPhone sold today. Nonetheless, these once-ubiquitous floppy discs helped power the personal computer revolution and were among the first ways of reliably sharing computer programs among households and individuals.

Early PC operating systems even booted up on floppy discs. Many of your guests may be too young to remember when the floppy disc was as mundane a piece of equipment as a USB drive or a cable, but they’ll still get a kick out of these nostalgic home decor pieces. After all, the 90s are in when it comes to fashion and internet culture today is full of just the kind of retro, ironic charm that these floppy disc coasters perfectly convey.

This set by Duck Trading comes with four individual rubber coasters styled to look just like the real thing. They do however, store slightly less data.

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