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When Is a Cutting Board Not Just a Cutting Board? When It’s the Ingenious Frankfurter Brett

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Of all the kitchen items that you deploy when you’re prepping a meal, the humble cutting board is the one you are most likely to cheap out on. Understandably so — they’re mainly intended to protect your counters from getting jacked up, and they’re abundantly, cheaply replaceable. So why would you drop money on one?

You would when a cutting board is not just a cutting board. And the Frankfurter Brett is anything but a mere cutting board. In fact, we’ve never seen anything quite like it. It needs to be seen in action to be truly appreciated.

The idea and the design are so simple and yet so ingenious that it’ll no doubt make you slap your head and wonder why nobody thought of it sooner. It’s a premium wood cutting board with brackets to hold containers for precut items, trash, prepped food and even a tablet or phone if you’re cooking from a video or online recipe.

Think of how restaurants employ “line cooks” to prep their meals like an assembly line. The Frankfurter Brett allows you to be a one-man line. Whole vegetables and meats go on the back of the board, move onto the center of the board for cutting and prepping, then moved forward again into separate containers for prepped items and trash. Containers get filled, moved to the side and replaced by empty containers to keep the process going.

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Courtesy of Frankfurter Brett
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Courtesy of Frankfurter Brett

The design is so brilliant and clean that it earned top honors in 2017 from the German Design Council. And the Germans, as you know, are no slouches when it comes to utilitarian design. The brackets are easily pulled out and then withdrawn for storage.

The Frankfurter Brett is another Kickstarter-generated bit of brilliance, created by twin brothers Johannes and Joseph Schreiter. (The “Frankfurter” name, lest you think this is a cutting board build specifically for hot dogs, is from their hometown of Frankfurt, Germany.) Johannes took up professional cooking after a stint as a bricklayer, and Joseph apprenticed as a caterer before becoming a product designer. Their shared career and life experiences led to the creation of the Frankfurter Brett.

The Frankfurter Brett comes in a range of sizes, and the price climbs quickly in accordance. We like the Basic, which comes in birch, beech, or bamboo and includes a 7-piece container set, for $165. The bamboo end-grain board is an extra $60. As “basic” goes, this is still a great use of the Frankfurter Brett system. The containers nearly double the working area and make it an ideal fit for everyday kitchen use.

It’s your own assembly line kitchen system, bringing order and easy cleanup to even the most chaotic of cooks.

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