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Get This Egg Shaper and Never Make Boring Fried Eggs Again

* This egg mold makes perfectly shaped fried eggs
* All the fun of cooking pancakes, but much healthier
* Includes five different shapes and a handy yolk spoon

Sadly, pancakes aren’t part of a healthy meal – or any diet you might have started this year. But besides missing the taste, a pancake-free lifestyle also means no fun pancake shaping with the kids. Thankfully there’s an alternative: The MayPal Egg Mold.

[caption id="attachment_100187" align="aligncenter" width="429"]Shaped Fried Egg Mold Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

It works like a pancake or cookie mold (and can be used as such), but it’s been designed to perfectly fit a single fried egg. Just place the mold on your oiled skillet, drop the egg in, and enjoy. The kit also includes a small spoon for yolks, so you can place the egg whites evenly in the mold, and then the yolk in just the right spot. It’s challenging enough to keep the kids entertained, but easy enough for them to pick up right away.

[caption id="attachment_100186" align="aligncenter" width="436"]Fried Egg Mold Instructions Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

For $12, you get a five-piece set of different egg molds (star, heart, round, flower, and Mickey) and the yolk spoon for perfect yolk placement in your work of art. The molds are also made of high-quality food grade stainless steel (instead of the non-stick silicone used in similar products), so they’ll last a while and won’t change the taste of the eggs.

Use the egg molds to upgrade your brunch (and your brunch pics), or use them to cook breakfast with the whole family and make it a fun, Saturday morning routine. This makes a great gift too, for your foodie friends or kids. Don’t believe us? Take it from the overwhelmingly positive reviews online: the MayPal Fried Egg Mold has 94% of Amazon reviewers giving it 4.5 stars and up. Get crackin’.

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