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Create Instagram-Worthy Treats This Summer

* Silicone SunnyLife popsicle molds
* Pineapple and watermelon shapes
* Easy to make, easy to clean

Create cute, mini popsicles this summer with these unique, fruit-shaped molds. Available from SunnyLife, these whimsical Fruit Salad Pop Molds are the perfect, refreshing treat for this hot weather.

Australian outdoor accessories label SunnyLife has brought numerous popsicle molds like these to life with cheeky designs. Incorporating the likeness of both a pineapple and watermelon, this popsicle mold will create modestly-sized treats with the flavoring of your choice. Using design concepts that balance both playfulness as well as practicality, SunnyLife adds a fresh take on creating popsicles that can be fun for you to make for yourself, your friends or even for your kids to create on their own.

Although popsicles can be made in the traditional, orthodox shape, these can add a pop of summer to your normal routine. In addition to a lighthearted fruit salad theme, the mold also comes in a salmon pink color for an added stylish element.

Cute for a special at-home treat for yourself or for a special event for friends (think birthdays or pool parties), these Instagram-worthy pops are a fun way to mix things up with a little bit of effort. With a sturdy silicone casing, these popsicles will pop out in a hassle-free manner.

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