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SPY Guide: 5 Drinking Glasses That Reflect How We Truly Feel

* If you are going to need a drink, might as well choose from one of our hilarious options
* Great gift for birthdays, holidays, friends and co-workers
* Glasses suitable for wine, mixed drinks or just water and soda

We all need to unwind sometimes after a long day. How you choose to unwind is up to you, though having a drink of choice seems to be the most popular.

Whether you’re into wine or a fancy cocktail, why not have that drink in a glass that makes you or anyone else who joins you smile a little bit? We have found five great quality drinking glasses to fit your mood and/or drink of choice. Cheers!

1. Duvino Novelty Wine Glass

This novelty wine glass is a conversation starter with the words Classy, Sassy and Bad Assy printed on the outside. Simply measure out your wine and decide how you are feeling for the night. A great way to lighten the mood and get the conversation started for a fun drinking experience. Vivid white print on the outside will showcase any type of wine, empty or full, red or white.


2. Lonestar Stemless Wine Glass

This stemless, unbreakable red or white wine glass is humorously etched with the words Just a Sip, Keep Pouring and Don’t Judge Me. Choose your mood for when it’s time to stop pouring for a real glass of wine. These glasses are dishwasher safe, shatterproof and made from BPA and EA-Free Tritan Plastic. Perfect for outdoor use or for parties.


3. Good Day, Bad Day Rocks Glass

This Good Day, Bad Day or What Day etched 11 oz. rocks glass features a heavy base suitable for whiskey, scotch or bourbon. Permanent etching won’t rub off and dishwasher safe construction means it’s easy to clean.

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4. LOL Funny Rocks Glass

A rocks glass for every mood is how this 11 oz. Highball is described. Imprinted with three marked levels: LOL, OMG and WTF, the design will reflect your mood before the pour. Clever and funny, the design is sandblast etched onto the glass creating a permanent, 100% dishwasher safe design that will not come off. With a textured bottom so it stays put, this glass looks great on your bar cart or table top.


5. Good Day, Bad Day Wine Glass

The Good Day, Bad Day and Don’t Even Ask etched Wine Glass is a cute, kitschy gift for any wine drinker in your life. Built for daily use, these glasses are dishwasher safe and 100% guaranteed to never wear off. The generous 12 oz. size holds a healthy pour of wine and fits nicely yet sturdy in your hand.

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