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Get Your Coffee Fix Anytime, Anyplace With the K-Cup Coffee Press

* No power cord needed
* Stores up to three capsules
* Disassembles for easy cleaning

Now you can enjoy your favorite single serving coffee pods at home, at the office and even on the road–all without electricity. Coffee lovers, it’s time you get to know the portable and practical K-Cup Coffee Press from Tru.

The K-Cup Coffee Press offers a revolutionary new way to enjoy coffee without the need for a power cord. It’s a practical solution for busy professionals who may not have time to walk to a Starbucks or line up at the coffee maker in the office kitchen. Stash a K-Cup Coffee Press in your desk for a quick mid-day pick-me-up with zero wait time and minimal clean up.

At just 15″ and 1.7 lbs, this compact coffee press lets you brew single serve capsules, or K-cups, anywhere you go. It’s an ideal travel companion for coffee loving jet setters. Planning a family camping trip or road trip with friends? You can store up to three single serve capsules in each K-Cup Coffee Press without taking too much space.

To use, simply fill the water reservoir with hot water (6, 8, and 10 ounce capacities marked). Place a mug underneath, pop in a coffee capsule and slowly press down on the plunger to complete the brewing process. A brew cycle lasts approximately 30 seconds. Whether you enjoy a cup in the morning or a few throughout the day, you can sip without worry thanks the BPA-free water reservoir that connects to the base magnetically.

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