Someone Sent These Chipotle Flavored Banana Chips To Our Office and We Can’t Stop Snacking On Them

gluten free potato chips bubba’s bananas
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* Bubba’s Fine Foods makes snack mixes with banana chips and nuts
* Available in 3 flavors – original, ranch and chipotle
* This snack is grain-free, gluten-free, kosher, vegan and paleo

If you’re on any kind of diet (from paleo to gluten free), potato chips are a huge no no. America’s favorite snack food is loaded with greasy calories. Plus, we generally eat multiple servings of these crunchy crisps in a single sitting. But if potato chips are your go to when hunger strikes between meals, it can be hard to say goodbye. Luckily, alternatives to potato chips do exist, and these chipotle flavored banana chips are just as addicting.

Bubba’s Fine Foods makes crunchy banana chips that taste just like thick-cut potato chips. We promise, they taste nothing like bananas. To make the chips, the company uses green, low-sugar bananas and cooks them in coconut oil then tosses them in real spices. The result is a paleo, vegan, kosher, grain-free and gluten-free snack. There’s also no added sugar, no MSG, no GMO products, no dairy and no soy in this snack mix.

gluten free potato chips bubba’s bananas Image courtesy of Amazon

Along with banana chips, each bag contains a variety of nuts, giving you a Chex Mix-like snack that goes above and beyond the normal potato chip. The banana chip mix comes in three different flavors, namely savory original, righteous ranch and smoky chipotle BBQ. Like we said, we totally recommend the chipotle flavor. Someone sent a sample to our office, and we can’t stop snacking on them.

gluten free potato chips bubba’s bananas Image courtesy of Amazon

Do keep in mind that this is not a low calorie snack and is not an alternative to potato chips that is going to result in weight loss. Instead, Bubba’s Fine Foods Snack Mix offers a chip that only includes ingredients you recognize and can pronounce. Take out all the bad stuff, and you’re left with a snack that’s diet friendly and positively delicious.


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