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This Microwave Cake “Bakes” Up In Less Than 60 Seconds

* Cake cooks in one minute
* No preparation required
* Get a 12-pack for under $20

On a recent late night trip to 7-11 for a pack of American Spirits and a cheap USB cord, I discovered Go! Cake, the premixed pouch of liquid batter that turns into cake after just one minute in the microwave. It may have stood out as the exact kind of convenience product that food activists campaign against, but it also seemed like the kind of impulse buy my mother would never have allowed when I was a child. I had to try it.

At first site, the SPY team shared my initial credulity. I mean, how good can a cheap pre-mix that you cook in a microwave-safe cup be? Answer: 4.2 fluid ounces of tasty.

We cooked it in the office kitchen according to the instructions on the packaging label, which were pretty simple. You just open the packet and pour the contents into a microwave safe cup. If there’s no cup on hand, you can remove the top half of the packet and nuke the batter directly in the package, but we didn’t want to make a mess.

After one minute, the cake was fully cooked. It was moist, rich and delicious. The only thing lacking was icing, but you can top your cake as desired. For an even easier solution, just sprinkle some powdered sugar on it. Ideal for a quick sugar fix or to satisfy a college freshman’s craving for “homemade” baked goods, Go! Cake definitely hits the spot.

You can pick up a 12-pack of this tasty treat from

for only $20. It comes in your choice of three flavors: Chocolate Madness, Lemon Garden and Caramel Fever.