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Get In Touch With Your Inner Barista — This Great Gooseneck Kettle Is Under $20 on Amazon

Feeling a little groggy after a long Halloween night and wanting a deliciously strong cup of coffee? You’re in luck — one of our favorite gooseneck kettles for making pour-over coffee has suddenly nosedived in price on Amazon.

The Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle with Built-In Thermometer normally sells for $54, but with this crazy 68% off deal, it’s now just $17.43. Thinking of adding home barista to your list of hidden talents? Now’s the time to do it without dipping too deep into your pocket.

With this discount, this is now one of the most affordable stovetop gooseneck kettles on Amazon, but it also has some unique features that set it apart from higher-priced options at Amazon and elsewhere.

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About the Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle with Built-in Thermometer

Coffee Gator is a popular coffee equipment brand on Amazon, and they make coffee accessories for true coffee snobs — and aspiring coffee snobs. That’s why this kettle comes with a built-in thermometer, as it lets true coffee lovers create the perfect pour-over brew down to their exact preferred temperature.

Gooseneck kettles and a good filter are the keys to making great pour-over coffee. The secret to success here is wetting the entire bed of coffee grounds evenly and at a slow and steady pace. This extracts the full flavor of the grounds without making the mix too watery or, alternately, too bitter. Boiling water tends to slosh out of a regular kettle fast and furious with a wide pattern, but a gooseneck kettle’s long narrow spout and angled handle gives you total control over how you disperse the water.

The Coffee Gator is a stovetop gooseneck kettle — its triple-layer base means it works equally well on gas, electric, or induction cooktops. The built-in thermometer swivels so it can be seen from any angle, and hitting the right temperature is essential in making pour-over coffee. The stainless steel body gives it a classic look, even when you put on the silicone jacket for insulation, and the handle has the same covering to prevent you from scorching your hand when taking it off the stove.

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Courtesy of Amazon

The more-elaborate electric gooseneck kettles can easily run well over $100 in price. Even at the regular retail price of $54, we’re fans of the Coffee Gator Gooseneck Kettle. But at 68% off, we’re jumping into the pour-over coffee craze with both feet. Put some of the money you’re saving on this great kettle toward a good filter and make your morning Joe a true work of art.