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Fight Barbecue Burnout With Replacement Grill Heat Plates

Purchasing a new barbecue can be a sizeable investment. If you are a grill master who isn’t scared of snow or heat and can spend all year outside in front of the barbecue getting just the right amount of char on your meat, then protecting your outdoor cooking companion is essential. When your grill heat plates begin to naturally wear out after use, save money by replacing the plates instead of the entire barbecue.

Grill heat plates are designed to fit in specific barbecues and rest above gas grill burners. These plates help to ensure that heat is distributed evenly across the grill, rather than allowing the flame to flare up in certain hot spots. This can result in uneven cooking, which can ruin food or render it unsafe to eat. Flare-ups can also cause injury to the person grilling. Grill plates also help to shield burners from food drippings, which over time can build up. Because burners are difficult to reach and clean, this build-up can eventually lead to burners no longer functioning properly.

If your grill plates are no longer protecting your burners and helping your food taste great, it’s time for a replacement. Check out our options for the best grill heat plates below.

1. Unicook Universal Replacement Steel Heat Plate Shield

Extend the life of your barbecue by using heat grill plates that literally extend. We recommend the Unicook Universal Replacement Heavy Duty Adjustable Porcelain Steel Heat Plate Shields, which can extend from 11.75 inches to 21 inches, making them a great fit for most barbecues. The 3.75 inch wide grill plates are 1.2 mm thick and made to withstand wear and tear thanks to heavy-duty porcelain steel construction, which helps to extend the life of burners and prevent direct exposure to flames. The grill plates can be installed side-to-side or front-to-back.

Pros: Customers can buy the grill plates in sets of one, three, or four plates depending on the size of their barbecue.

Cons: The overlapping piece that can be moved to extend the grill to its full length may block heat if not fully extended and cause uneven heat distribution.

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2. Hongso Stainless Steel BBQ Gas Grill Heat Plate

For a drop and go option, we recommend the Hongso Stainless Steel BBQ Gas Grill Heat Plate. Designed to fit specific brands of barbecues, including certain Kirkland, Glen Canyon, Jenn-Air, Nexgrill, Members Mark and Sterling Forge barbecues, the Hongso is a durable and long-lasting grill plate replacement. The set of three shown here measures 17.75 inches by 6 3/8 inches and doesn’t have to be adjusted when installed. Easy to clean, the Hongso can also be purchased in single units or a set of five.

Pros: The Hongso can be trimmed using metal shears if necessary.

Cons: The Hongso are 1 mm thick, making them slightly thinner than both the Outspark and Unicook.

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3. Unicook Porcelain Large Grill Heat Plate

For large barbecues that need burner protection, try the Unicook Porcelain Large Grill Heat Plates. The extra-wide 6-inch heat plates can be adjusted between 15.75 inches up to 18.75 inches, providing a customized fit. Reinforced with porcelain steel, the 1.2 mm thick heat plates help to evenly distribute heat and protect against accidental flare-ups that can burn food and injure users. Unicook includes all the necessary hardware required for fast and easy installation.

Pros: For wide 30-inch fireboxes, users will need five Unicook heat plates. The company sells the Large Grill Heat Plates in convenient single units and sets of four (shown here).

Cons: Users should ensure they have correctly measured their grill before ordering the Unicook plates because it’s not advisable to make manual trims.

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