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You’ll Never Grow Mushrooms The Same Way Again

* Easy-to-use kit produces organic oyster mushrooms in just 10 days
* Includes everything you need to farm, from spores to dirt
* Featured in O Magazine, Martha Stewart Living and The Chew

Mushrooms in a box? Don’t let the cute packaging fool you. Enjoy the delights of homegrown oyster mushrooms in your kitchen. This easy-to-use kit quickly produces your favorite fungi in as little as 10 days, yielding fresh, delicious mushrooms that you can incorporate into your daily meals.

Whether you use your mushrooms for salads, pizzas or pasta, growing your own produce has never been easier. The kit is fun for everyone. Oprah, Martha Stewart and ABC’s The Chew are just a few of the heavy hitters that have already enjoyed this at-home farm.

A perfect gift for avid foodies or mushroom lovers, the Back to the Roots mushroom farm can last for months unopened. Establishing your farm is as simple as soaking the box for 24 hours, then covering the soil with a light mist of water every day. Over the next 10-12 days, you can watch your crop of oyster mushrooms grow, while planning your next culinary adventure.

The kit comes with everything you need: organic plant-based soil, oyster mushroom spawn, a spray mister and heirloom tomato seeds to plant when your mushroom farm is finished and you turn it into compost. For those who wish to learn more about the process of growing mushrooms, each kit is also accompanied by a free download with extensive lessons on mushroom ecology, how these fungi grow and a selection of delicious recipes.

To encourage homegrown food and education, Back to the Roots also runs a “Grow One, Give One” program. For every photo of a growing mushroom farm that is submitted, they will donate one to a classroom of your choice.

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