Regrow Your Green Onions Again and Again With the Hamama At-Home Kit

green onion growing kit by hamama
Courtesy of Hamama/YouTube
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Perhaps you’ve seen the quarantine trend of regrowing green onions from their bulbs, or you just hate food waste and are always looking for ways to minimize — regardless, you’ve got to check out Hamama. This brand has created a sharp, simple, well-designed way to regrow green onions in your home with little to no effort. If you put scallions (a.k.a green onions) on/in everything you cook this is the perfect kitchen accessory.

Hamama primarily makes indoor gardening kits for microgreens, the super-nutritious (and super-adorable) miniature greens popular among chefs and foodies. Now, the Hamama green onion growing kit makes it easy for anyone to grow green onions right on the kitchen counter.

green-onion-hamama Courtesy of Hamama
Hamama green onion kit Courtesy of Hamama


Each kit comes with a plastic growing tray, coconut mats for fertilization and a green onion lid that can hold up to 39 bulbs. Green onions don’t come with the kit, but you can plop a new end in every time you use up all the green in a recipe and you’ll have plenty growing in no time.

On average, the greens grow 3 inches per week, which means if all 39 slots are taken you’ll be able to grow 10 feet of green onions per week. Be careful what you wish for — before long you’ll have more flavor than you know what to do with.

cocomat hamama green onion kit Courtesy of Hamama
cocomat hamama green onion kit Courtesy of Hamama

Maintenance for the kit is super easy. All you’ve got to do is add water to the fill line and place a coco mat inside to get started and refill the water once every two weeks. You’ll never run out of green onions again, and you’ll save food waste at the same time. Plus — you’ll save money! You foodie, environmentalist money-saver you. Green onion bulbs can be regrown a few times before being thrown away.