Keep Your Spirits Up With This Artful Desktop Decanter

Globe whiskey decanter
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* Hand-blown glass bowl decanter
* Comes with bar funnel for easy pouring
* Ideal 850 ml size for standard bottle of wine

This whiskey decanter is a beautiful artisan-crafted piece with a sealed stopper to keep your spirits fresh. The desktop decanter takes the shape of a glass sphere etched with the pattern of a globe. The sphere reveals the continents frosted onto the blown glass surface, and there is a glass sailing ship which floats on the spirits you keep inside the decanter. This way, you can have a world of ready to pour whiskey, wine, vodka, rum or other spirits right there on your desk or bar cart.

A play on the classic “ship in a bottle” decor piece, this decanter lets your ship-in-a-bottle sail on a sea of whiskey, which sounds like a dream Homer Simpson might have, but looks far more elegant and refined in practice.

The Desktop Globe Whiskey Decanter is beautifully hand-crafted and allows for showing off the rich amber hues of your favorite whiskey or rum, or the subtle reds of a merlot, too. That way, you can watch the little ship within sail like Odysseus upon “the wine-dark sea.”

A great gift for any connoisseur, novelist or world-traveling sommelier in your life, this decanter is handy and functional as well as highly aesthetic. It comes with a bar funnel that helps you pour your favorite spirits or wines without spilling a drop. It also fits a full 850 ml of liquid, enough for a whole “5th” of liquor or a standard bottle of wine. And its tight-fitting glass stopper keeps the air out and helps preserve the freshness and flavor of wines, gins, whiskeys and rums far longer than an opened bottle.

It also makes for a poetic and eye-catching piece of desktop decor, great for a home office, countertop space or to make a home minibar stand out. The detailing is exquisite, from the tiny hand-blown glass ship to the clear lines of the etched-glass globe. Hemingway would approve.

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