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Hanging Fruit Baskets are the Space-Saving Kitchen Hack That Will Also Help Keep Food Fresh

Whether or not to store certain foods in the fridge can be a divisive issue, with firm battle lines drawn and traditions that span generations. But science does say some foods are best left out of the fridge, including many fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, onions, mangoes and potatoes. The only problem is finding a place for all of these foods.

If you don’t want your fruits and veggies crowding precious counter or cupboard space, then it can be worth investing in a hanging fruit basket. Not only do hanging fruit baskets help you free up counter and cupboard space, but they have the added benefit of helping to keep your fruits fresher. Since hanging fruit baskets typically have an open mesh design, your fruits and veggies are less likely to get bruised than they would if they were sitting on the hard counter.

A hanging fruit basket can also serve as a bit of charming, throwback kitchen decor. Maybe your parents or their parents had a hanging fruit basket, and it’s the kind of touch that adds some coziness to any living space. Of course, you can also use hanging fruit baskets in a variety of other ways, whether that’s hanging living plants or for miscellaneous storage.

These are the best hanging fruit baskets to buy.

1. Fox Run Three Tier Hanging Wire Baskets

These sturdy baskets are made from steel wire with a chrome color finish and feature a three-tier design. This particular option has straight beams, rather than the chicken-wire pattern, giving the baskets more of a modern industrial look. However, you can also choose colored copper chicken-wire options from this same listing. The largest bottom basket is 10.5 inches, followed by 10-inch and 9-inch baskets.

Pros: Sturdy steel build. Deeper baskets capable of accommodating more fruits.

Cons: Chrome color may look too industrial for some.

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2. malmo 3-Tier Wire Fruit Hanging Basket

If you’d prefer something with more of a rustic charm, this option from malmo has an iron wire look that resembles chicken-coop wire. The baskets have a deeper shape that allows them to accommodate more fruit. The baskets are available in black or a charming copper color. If you don’t have space for three baskets, the baskets can be detached and hung individually.

Pros: Rustic design. Deep baskets to hold more fruit. Baskets are detachable from one another for individual hanging.

Cons: Wire can bend somewhat.

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3. Z Basket Collection hanging fruit basket

If you prefer a more modern alternative to the hanging fruit basket, consider this unique option. Instead of mounting to the ceiling, this option fits over cabinet doors. That means that no drilling is involved, making it a great option for apartments. The baskets also have a square shape that’s a little more modern than the traditional round baskets. The baskets are also deep and have high sides, allowing them to securely hold more food without tipping.

Pros: Good option for apartments. Collapsible if you need to move it. Holds up to 50 pounds.

Cons: Since it hangs over a door, it may not fit in every kitchen.

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